7 Cool Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer


                                                   3. Go greener


Yup, go greener. Go plan plants. Planting shrub, trees, and vines are great ways to cool your home. Not only they keep sunlight off your home, but they also make the air cooler. When sunlight hits their leaves, these plants will release water, gas, and oxygen. And as the water evaporates, it absorbs heat. You can opt for planting a big shade tree or shrubs, but it will take time. Don’t worry, if you plan to plant a big shade tree or shrubs, there are alternatives that you can do in the meanwhile. For example, you can grow annual vines on trellises to shade walls. Or you can also plant fast growing flowers (e.g. sunflowers) on the sunny side of your home to provide shade along. In a few years, the shrubs you plant will have sufficient height to replace those plants. Make sure you plant trees and shrubbery in the right place. The best place you can plant them is on the west or south. They will be most effective at cooling your home this way.

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