7 Cool Ways to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

                           7. Use of Ceiling fan and air conditioner

Last but not least, you can use a ceiling fan and air conditioner to cool your home. If you use a ceiling fan, make sure you direct the air currents downward. When the redirected air hits you, it will reduce the temperature of your body. Not only that, but the air will also help re-circulate and disperse cool air that has accumulated near the floor. Tips: set your ceiling fan to rotate counter clockwise at a higher speed. This way, the fan’s airflow will create a wind chill breeze effect, thus making you feel cooler.

You can also use an air conditioner (AC) to cool your home. Make sure you clean your AC filter regularly. Also, how old is your AC? You should consider replacing your AC if it is 10 years or older. Pick a new, more efficient model. Choose the one with a high star rating for energy efficiency. This could halve the electricity used. Don’t forget to choose AC with the right size for your home. Consider the space you want to be cool. Why? Because if the size is not proper, either both too small and too big, it will suck up more electricity. Also, look for useful features like air filters and timer. And yes, these tips also apply if you’re going to buy one if you don’t have AC yet.

If you already have an AC but it is not functioning, you should contact AC repair and maintenance contractor.

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