All You need to Know about IRCTC New Generation Ticket booking

Train bookings in India have become very easy and the system has been made in a way that passengers and travelers find it very easy to irctc new generation ticket booking and to also get various information relating to railway tickets. Traveling for the purpose of work, recreation, education, etc. is very common and in India, one of the major and most widely used transposing systems is the railway. Railway system network is available in almost all the areas in India. The connectivity of this system is important to this country. Many people across the country avail this service for various purposes.

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irctc new generation

Going to the booking and enquiring counters for getting all the information about the trains and then bookings can be stressful. For this purpose, you now have an online website, IRCTC or Indian Railway Catering, and Tourism Corporation. This website provides all the required information. Apart from this, there are many other websites available which give you all these information.

Train information

Before booking any ticket you surely need to know all about trains and its availability. You have to know which train goes where and which train goes to the station that you want to travel or book a ticket from which station to which station. You can get such information about trains through irctc train availability option which is available on the irctc website. Apart from this, you can just find this information in many other websites online. You can simply type down the source station and the destination station and then you will get all the available trains that cover the two stations and then you can choose from it. You can also type on your browser ‘irctc train inquiry between two stations’ and you will get links using which you can get the information about the trains and the station that you need. You may also need the station codes for finding the trains available between two stations. You can get all the station codes online.

Getting live updates

Now again for the convenience, a new system has been introduced which is called the live train running status. This is a very important and useful service that is available these days. Through this service, you can actually check the current train running status of any train. You can type the train number and then you will get the live information about the specific train such as the place that the train is now, the last station that it crossed and the time, etc. Indian railway train running status is very helpful and makes it very convenient from many people who are waiting in a station for train to arrive, they can know how much the train will arrive. Apart from this, a person having relatives or guests in a particular train can also know about the arrival of the train. Indian railway running information is widely used these days.

While you book a ticket you get a PNR number using which you can check the status of your train travel. PNR means passenger name record and using this you can know your ticket status, whether it is confirmed, or in waiting list, or in the RAC (reservation against cancellation queue). For checking your PNR status you can go to the irctc website and then type your PNR number there in order to check your ticket status. You can also get PNR status also through SMS and also through the Indian Railways mobile app. You can get the mobile app in all the app store of your mobile. Once you download the app you can easily get your PNR status.

Indian railway has made online ticket booking available to the traveler for their ease. One need to stand in long queue. You can now book railway tickets online by just going to irctc online booking. You can just visit the irctc website and create your irctc log in id and then proceed to book your tickets. In case you are booking your ticket online, you have to pay online as well. Similarly, you can also cancel a ticket online.

Cancelation procedure and charges

Cancelation process is very easy when it comes to canceling railway tickets. You can do it online by just log in to your irctc account and then go to cancelation option and then follow the instructions. Cancelation also incurs certain charges. IRCTC cancellation charges vary in accordance to the time of cancelation, the class of the ticket and also on the PNR status of your ticket. You can get all the information on the irctc website. And apart from this you can also get all the information about cancelation from other websites.

You can search online for all these information which will be provided to you in detail. It will make your booking and enquiring procedure very easy so that you can avail hassle free train ticket bookings.

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