Razer Kiyo As Your Streaming WebCam

WebCam is one of the essentials of every streamer. It serves as a way of communication and information towards the two-way contact of streamers to their regular viewers. The sales of WebCams have grown quite well as soon as the industry of Live Streaming has become a trend. Many people all over the world, just like you, are aspiring to be part of streaming but have no clue where to start.

But actually, what you first need to be a successful streamer is a WebCam. Since many streamers worldwide are not giving much importance to the essence of being able to show themselves through their viewers, it is proven that viewers engage more in those who have their live and actual faces on the screen.

Razer Kiyo As Your Streaming WebCam

This article will tell you how to be a good streamer and why razer Kiyo should be used as a WebCam.

The General Features of Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo is a webcam HD that consists of a 720p high-resolution display at 60fps. It can give you visual fidelity upon live streaming. Your viewers will have the access to see your actual look like you’re sitting in front of them. That’s because the streams are available in up to 1080 resolution display which is at 30fps.

It has a default resolution of 4:3, which is preferable for streams, it also has neutral colour in representations that are less saturated so that you can look more natural in streams; razer Kiyo also has an automatic adjustment in white balance, which can compensate with low light and improves the automatic feature of focusing.


Why Razer Kiyo is a great WebCam HD for you as a Streamer.

You could’ve heard it already, but in case you didn’t, Razer Kiyo is actually a popular webcam HD for streamers, and here is a list of why’s:

  • It has Full Camera Controls – leading the stream means you also need to teach your camera well. Razer Kiyo gives you the authority by offering you full camera controls that will surely make your stream flexible, practical, and realistic. Viewers will be able to watch you from a better perspective than being stuck on one side.
  • It has its own Built-in Ring Light – the coolness of razer Kiyo is just getting started. Because it will astonish you more with its built-in ring light that screams elegance and convenience in your stream, imagine not needing separate setups in your lighting in-camera. Razer Kiyo can give you both of them and provide you with high-quality graphics and video resolution that will be helpful in your streaming.
  • It provides the sharpest to smoothest quality – aRazer Kiyo wants you to take over. Aside from giving full camera controls, it also adjusts the sharpness and smoothness of video resolution depending on your preferences. So in the example, if you want to appear a little intimidating and serious in your Livestream today, you can adjust the sharpness to have a bolder look, while if you’re going to appear a little more friendly, you can raise more smoothness.

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