Eugenia Cooney Wiki, Age, Height, Social Media and Little Known Facts

Eugenia Sullivan Cooney is also famous as Eugenia Cooney. She is an American social media personality and also she is a blogger and YouTube personality. She is started her self-titled YouTube channel and then she rose to prominence. According to the latest statistics available, she is having more than 1.7 million followers on her channel. Apart from this, due to some health issues, she took a break from social media on January 20-20. Actually, she had an eating disorder that resulted in an extremely thin body.

Eugenia Cooney

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Eugenia Cooney Age, Height, Wiki, Social Media, net worth and little known facts

Real NameEugenia Sullivan Cooney
Social Media Influencer
Date of Birth27 July 1994
Age27 Year Approx ( June 2020 )
Birth PlaceMassachusetts, United States
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight39 kgs Approx
Relationship StatusSingle
Current CityNYC
Social MediaInstagram - @eugeniacooney

Youtube - eugeniacooney

What Is He Famous For?

Eugenia Cooney is famous for her popular videos on YouTube. She is having her own youtube channel by her own name.

Where was Eugenia Cooney born? Her Early Life

She was born on 27 July 1994 at Massachusetts in the United States. She is having an American nationality and her zodiac sign is Leo. Right now, we are not having any such details about her parents. But according to the details available, she is having a younger brother whose name is chip. She attended her elementary school in Massachusetts and later on in order to take the acting class is she moved to New York City.


She set up her YouTube channel as Eugenia Cooney. Channel was started in the year 2011, June. At that time, she started posting her random videos related to makeup, hair styling and several others. Right now, as per the statistics available, she is having more than 1.7 million followers on her YouTube channel. Apart from this, she is also famous on Instagram. On Instagram, she is having more than 700k followers. She is also having an eating disorder. Earlier she had a skinny body and then when she is started appearing in social media. Later on, she got skinny. This leads to some of the health problems.

Even, when she started sharing her photos and videos on Instagram and social media than people started a petition to shut her down because she was considered a bad influence on young girls. On social media, she got mixed reactions to her appearance. Even, people also started trends on social media regarding her like #killyourself, #eat something, and others. Considering all such a situation, she took a break from social media in January 2019 for about six months. At that time she also attends the rehabilitation classes.

In July 2019 she finally appeared on social media in a video of Shane Dawson. Shane made a full 1-hour video about Eugenia Cooneyinclude in her health, social media career, break from social media, and about her return as well. At that time she admitted that she was having an eating disorder. And in order to improve health, she took that break. Now she improved her health and she is returning to social media.

Who Is She Dating? Her Relationships

According to the recent reports available, she is single. She has been struggling with her health issues and eating disorders. She also loves to maintain a low profile regarding her relationship status.

What Are The Body Measurements Of Eugenia Cooney

According to the details available, her height is 5 feet 7 inches. She is having an extremely slim body falling apart from this, she is just having 39 kgs of weight and bias low weight is just because of an eating disorder. However, she now has improved her health by attending the rehabilitation classes during her get from social media. She is having green eyes and black hair.

Eugenia Cooney unknown facts:

  • She was the winner of the new face of big drop and y c national contest in the year 2012.
  • In an episode of the Canadian series Degrassi’s new classes.
  • She has done the ice bucket challenge video also.
  • She has been criticized a lot about her looks especially her so slim body.
  • When she took a break, people thought she will never come back on social media, but then she left everyone in shock.

She is a famous personality and due to her looks and slim body, she is actually famous on social media accounts. Some people love her and there are some who criticize her for being so slim and influencing other girls in a negative manner as well. But still, she is so cute and her videos are so impressive and attractive as well. If you are also a fan of her then you can easily well all the details regarding her from the above section.

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