Making the Most of Moving Day

If you have decided to move to a new home or even a new business location, you may be feeling the dread of upcoming chaos. Soon all your valuables will be removed from their safe places and put into the hands of strangers, loaded into trucks, and left somewhere else. Is your stuff going to get damaged or lost? Will there be a lot of confusion and arguing over what goes where? How about the movers? Will they be careful or rough, do they have the right equipment, or will they take chances with your precious things. And then how long will it take you to get everything to a place where it belongs. All these fears can be assuaged by having a plan, hiring professionals like Mayflower, and being organized but flexible.

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Before the Move:

It is a rare occasion when people do not have several weeks to get ready before moving to a new house or business location. If you have a move upcoming, you can take advantage of your time by getting organized. If you go room to room and identify the items and, if possible, where they will end up, you can make a checklist for each room and put labels on objects indicating their new destination. When you pack the room, make sure each box is labelled for the destination, with a list of the contents inside—pack boxes with items that will end up in the same room later.

Hire a Professional Moving Company:

Although it is tempting to use friends, family, and your own equipment, this can backfire. If you are looking for a professional local moving company in Bangkok, they can be located through an internet search. Volunteers are not motivated to be professional or to be careful. Inexperience can cause items to be damaged, and lack of equipment like dollies and good vehicles often means that your most valuable items will be placed in precarious positions.


Have a meeting before boxes start to move. Explain to the movers how items have been labelled. If they understand where things are supposed to go, it will save a lot of time later. Once you have given the instructions, it is best to get out of their way and let them do what they are paid to do.


No plan survives moving day. Some things are not going to go as planned, and there will probably be a few items that didn’t travel as well as hoped. It can’t be helped, but you make it worse by creating a scene. It is better to be friendly and offer refreshments; create an atmosphere of peace. All the details can be worked out later.

Remove Distractions: If you have children and pets, the best thing to do is find someone to look after them for the day.

A good attitude and a professional team give you the best opportunity to make sure moving day goes smoothly and efficiently. The better organized you are, the easier everything will be when you begin to unpack. Treat everyone well, and the day will proceed in the best possible way.

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