How do you use a VPN on PlayStation 4?

Playing games online has become a very popular form of entertainment. The gaming industry is making millions of dollars in profit just by creating extraordinary games. They are hiring the best programmers and making stunning games so that people love their concept and become addicted to their products. If you do some research, you will be surprised to see the number of people playing games online via PlayStation 4. But don’t you think your security is at risk when you connect the device to the internet? While you are playing the games, the hackers can easily gain access to your sophisticated information and steal the data.

How do you use a VPN on PlayStation

So, is there any way we can enjoy the game without compromising the security. The answer lies within the use of a VPN. Today we will teach you how to use the VPN on PlayStation 4. Let’s dive into the details.

Install the VPN in the router

The best way to use the VPN in PlayStation 4 is by installing it on the router. If you install the VPN in the router, all the device that is connected to the internet will be using the secured internet protocol. Some of you might think to configure the router and installing the VPN is a very tough task. But you can do so by accessing the router dashboard. First of all, configure your internet connection. If it is already configured, you don’t have to do anything except add the server. The installation details will be given by the VPN service provider. Usually, it will take less than 10 minutes to install the VPN in the router. If you are still having a problem installing the VPN on the router, you can seek help from the technical teams of the VPN service provider and they will be more than happy to assist you.

Connect the PlayStation 4 with PC

Another amazing method is to connect your PlayStation 4 with the PC. But for that, you need to install the VPN on the windows. This is a very simple procedure and you can complete the task in less than 15 minutes. But make sure you know which VPN on several devices so that you are not exceeding the maximum number of devices. If you need to secure more devices, make sure you buy premium plans that allow you to connect multiple devices. Remember to change the settings in the PS4. As most of the PS4 are configured to work on the wireless mode. Go to the settings and change it to Ethernet mode and connect to the VPN network. After you set up, the connection, make sure you test the games and see its performance.

If you experience slow performance in gaming, chances are high that the VPN is not configured properly. Let the technical teams know about this problem and they will be able to solve this problem. If not, change the VPN service provider. Remember, you should always go for the trial period since you never know which VPN will work best.

Useful tips

When you think about the overall security, installing the VPN is the best solution. But for that, you need to buy a better package as you will be connecting multiple devices. However, you can also use an extender and install the VPN on the extender and dedicated it to the PS4. This method tends to work well for hardcore games since the extender work is to provide high-speed internet to gamers. Most importantly, the PS4 device will be the only device that will be connected to the extender.

Some of you might be looking for the cheapest solution. For them, using the PC is the best option. Setting up the VPN in the windows or MAC book is less the same method but remember, you will require an Ethernet cable. You can easily get the Ethernet cable in the local store with less than $1. But it’s better to buy premium quality Ethernet cable as the data transmission greatly impacts the gaming performance. Test different methods and see which works the best for your need.

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