4 Tips for a rewarding North Cyprus IVF experience

Travelling overseas for an IVF treatment can mess with your mind.  There are so many things to worry about.  But stress is not good for you, especially if you’ll undergo in vitro fertilization.  So we have prepared tips.

A greater number of people choose to have their IVF done in North Cyprus.  Cyprus offers very affordable rates.  But they still retain high standards.  These tips are for you to have a rewarding North Cyprus IVF experience.

North Cyprus IVF experience

Do your research

First practice due diligence.  There are over 25 IVF clinics listed in North Cyprus.  Not all of them are good.  Some are just doctor’s clinics.  One-room spaces with a table and a chair.  The excellent clinics are housed in entire buildings.  Their facilities are clean and well-equipped.

Compare a few clinics and ask the following questions:

  1. Is the IVF cost within your budget?
  2. Does the clinic have excellent reviews?
  3. Do they have state-of-the-art facilities?
  4. Will a licensed IVF doctor attend to your needs?
  5. Do they communicate well?
  6. Is the clinic IVF licensed and ISO certified?

A lot of information is available online.  The more efficient clinics respond quickly to your inquiries.  Once you have chosen your top three try searching for online reviews.  Also, participate in online forums.  Although take them with a grain of salt.  Not all reviews are reliable.  But they are handy references.

After finally choosing a clinic, keep communications open.  Bombard them with all the questions you can think of.  List them all down along with the answers and keep them for ready reference.

Of course, follow the protocol.  Listen to the doctor’s advice.  Take your medicines like clockwork.  Some North Cyprus IVF clinics allow you to have all pre-tests and medications done back home.  You can fly to Cyprus for a single visit during transfer.

Dunya IVF, a top clinic in North Cyprus, gives options to its overseas patients.  They can choose to fly to Cyprus only once for transfer or more than once.  There are cases where the partner has difficulty adjusting schedules.  He can fly to Cyprus first to deposit his sperm and have it frozen.  Egg collection and transfer can come at a later date.

Keep yourself fit and healthy.

Once you start with your stimulation meds, continue taking dietary supplements.  Doctors advise IVF patients to take Folic Acid, Omega 3 fatty acids, and Vitamin D before treatment.  Of course, always consult your fertility specialist first before taking any.

Maintain your weight to reach an ideal Body Mass Index.  Being overweight puts your pregnancy at risk of gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, cesarean delivery, and stillbirth.  To help you keep fit, do moderate exercise.  Brisk walking, leisurely cycling, and gardening will do the trick.  This will have a positive impact on fertility.

Plan your trip ahead.

It is sometimes hard to pinpoint the exact date when you need to fly to North Cyprus.  So the idea is to plan every detail ahead.  Leave the date out until the very last minute.  Also, ask airlines and hotels how much you can save if you avail of packages or promos.  Up to how many days can you book ahead to receive these perks?

North Cyprus IVF

Create a chart or a checklist.  Then tick off items such as airlines, flight schedules, airfare rates, hotels, transfers.  Even add in details outside your IVF appointment like places to go and treats to eat.  Choose ahead the restaurants and tourist spots you plan to visit.

It might seem a bit much.  But all this extra effort will pay off in the end.  You get to save more, enjoy more and relax more.  You also increase your chances of finally getting your baby.


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