How formula milk can boost your baby’s memory skills

Everybody knows that all modern infant formulas are supposed to be as similar to human milk as it gets. All parents are aware that they all are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other components beneficial for their babies’ health. But did you know that some of those ingredients also improve your little one’s brain function and development? Let’s talk about them.

formula milk


Prebiotics (otherwise known as prebiotic fibers) are substances that can’t be digested in the GIT and or absorbed by the body of an adult or a child. They reach the large intestine almost unchanged, where they play the role of a nutrient medium for bacteria. In turn, the bacteria are responsible for many processes in the body including the formation of immunity and improved digestion.

They use different components to enrich baby foods with prebiotics and their effects may vary. However, oligosaccharides (GOS) are the most common. In breast milk, GOS are present in quite large quantities. Organic baby formula with the best composition you can find on the site:

Fatty acids

The brain needs fat, especially in the first year of a baby’s development. Polyunsaturated fatty acids – DHA and ARA – help babies grow up smart and healthy. The nutritional role of fatty acids is multifaceted. They provide the baby with about 50% of its energy. In addition, they are part of the cell membranes of the neurons (cells of the nervous system) which are formed during the first year of life. These fatty acids are also involved in the synthesis of various hormones and improve the absorption of vitamins.


This is a very important amino acid necessary for the formation of the child’s CNS, brain development, and vision. This type of amino acid starts to be produced independently in the human body only 1.5 months after birth.


When picking a baby formula, look for the above-mentioned ingredients on the labeling. At the same time, don’t forget to ask for your pediatrician’s recommendations.

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