Why Digital Nomads Love Bangkok

There is a new, special breed of person emerging, namely the digital nomad; a person who works online, which means they are not limited to their location. Imagine having the freedom and independence to live anywhere. All you need is a laptop and a steady web connection and you can work whenever you feel like it.

Why Digital Nomads Love Bangkok

Why Bangkok?

Of all the cities in the world, Bangkok is at the top of the list of desired destinations for remote workers; coding can be done from a shared workspace and there are many like-minded entrepreneurs that you will meet.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Bangkok is a digital nomad favourite.

Low cost of living –

Book into the Valia Hotel in Bangkok for a week, which is more than enough time to find a luxury condo rental, which won’t cost you more than $500 per month (including utilities). There is a glut of furnished accommodation in the city, which keeps rentals low when compared to the West.

Hi-speed Internet –

Bangkok has a better IT infrastructure than many Western cities and prices are very affordable; you can have a high-speed fibre-optic connection for around $50 a month. Although Thailand is officially a developing country, not in terms of infrastructure, road, rail, and air travel is on par with US and Europe. We have King Rama V to thank for this; the Thai monarch visited Europe in the early 20th century; he was impressed with what he saw and set about changing Thailand.

Great climate –

You might want to escape the freezing European winter for a few months and Thailand is the ideal destination; arrive in late September and leave the following May, when you can return home. Of course, many expats spend the entire year in Thailand, and who could blame them? Click here for some cool relocation tips.

Colourful Thai culture –

The Thais are a unique race of people and their culture has not been influenced by Western nations, (Thailand was never colonised). The Southern culture is very different to the Northern and Northeastern cultures; almost like several cultures within a culture.

Vibrant social life –

Bangkok is legendary when it comes to nightlife, which is another reason that so many young entrepreneurs love to live in this unique city. You can meet many like-minded expats during your stay and networking is always good for business. The number of tech startups is high, as European coders set up companies in Thailand, while many more work freelance using Bangkok as their base of operations.

Land of Smiles –

Everyone is happy in Thailand and this elevated mood rubs off on all foreign visitors; a ‘mai bpen rai’ (never mind) attitude rules here and people don’t get stressed out like they do in the West.

If you had never thought of visiting Thailand, book a short holiday and experience what everyone is talking about. Relax in the sun and keep to your online work schedule.

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