Class 8 Hindi Paper – Is NCERT Book Enough for Preparation?

Hindi is considered to be one of the most scoring subjects in Class 8. In order to take advantage of this and increase your overall score, you need to make sure that your preparation is on point. For this, you need to start with understanding the NCERT syllabus including the topics and subtopics. You can easily get yourself acquainted with the syllabus and plan your studies accordingly.

The National Council of Educational and Research Training (NCERT) prescribes four books in the syllabus namely – Durva, Vasant, Sankshipt Buddhacarita, and Bharat Ek Khoj. Apart from the theory syllabus, you also need to also work on your grammar. It is important to note that the NCERT syllabus is not only followed by CBSE but some state boards as well. In fact, NCERT textbooks are the only study material you need for your class 8 Hindi paper. And here is why:

Class 8 Hindi Paper

Get in-depth knowledge of a complicated subject

The content of the NCERT textbooks has been created in a way to ensure all students, regardless of their intelligence level, can use it. These books have been designed for creating and polishing your concepts, and doubts. They will give you a thorough understanding of the complex topics of Hindi.

Most of the questions are picked directly from the NCERT books

There are a lot of students who believe that NCERT books are not enough for your class. The truth is that most of the questions from your exam will be from NCERT books. It is important that you read and study them carefully because, in most cases, there will be nothing in the paper beyond these books.

NCERT books have some twisted, yet important, questions that can help you prepare better

At the end of the chapters, there are some important questions in the NCERT books. These can be match the following, fill in the blanks, one word questions, or descriptive questions. As a student, you have to go through all these questions carefully because CBSE is known to put these questions in exams most of the time.

NCERT books adhere to the CBSE curriculum strictly

This is one of the most important benefits of using NCERT Hindi Class 8 books as your study material. With these books, you will get a thorough knowledge of the subject and it will be in accordance with the curriculum set by the CBSE. If you understand what your NCERT books are saying, you will be able to answer all the questions in your Class 8 Hindi paper.

NCERT books can help you understand the concepts better than reference materials

The best way for you to prepare for your Class 8 Hindi paper is to go through your NCERT books line by line and understand the concepts carefully. You should prepare your notes while studying the chapters. Jot down the important points so that you can revise them easily later. With NCERT books, you will have an in-depth understanding of the concepts, something that is not offered by any other book. If you want to go the extra mile, you can use a reference book. But, it is important to make the NCERT books your first choice.

CBSE prescribed NCERT books

For the exams, CBSE prescribes the NCERT books. They have stated that these books are enough for students to score well in their Class 8 Hindi papers. They don’t recommend any side books. In fact, they have issued a notification to all the private schools to not burden their students with other reference material.

The language used in the NCERT books is very simple

All the NCERT books prescribed by the CBSE have been written in a simple language making it easy for you to understand the concepts. In most side books, you will have to go through intricate words that will leave you more confused than ever. That is why CBSE advises students to study NCERT books only.

NCERT books can save you a lot of preparation time

Since NCERT books have been written in a very easy and lucid language, it will save you a lot of time while preparing for your Class 8 Hindi paper. With these books, you will be able to understand the most difficult and complex subject easily and quickly.

If you study from NCERT books and try finishing past year’s question papers, you will be able to finish them quickly. It is important that you stick to your NCERT textbooks and study them religiously. As you will be answering the questions, you will note that all the concepts have been in the NCERT books. Everything that the CBSE exams have is from NCERT. They will only twist the language or change some numbers for testing your knowledge.

Since these books have been prescribed by the CBSE, they are sufficient for all the students to score a high percentage. All you have to do is go through the book carefully and practice all the questions given in the book multiple times. The syllabus has been created to accelerate students’ academic performance through innovative and progressive knowledge input methods.

It is important to note this doesn’t mean that you should not use any side books, reference books, or additional books. But more often than not, these books might deviate you from the target and confuse you. So, it is better that you stick to the NCERT books and use them to prepare for your Class 8 Hindi paper.

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