6 signs your body wants you to practice yoga today

Is your body stuck from working long hours on a chair? Are you exhausted all the time from work? Or do you struggle to move around because of a lack of motivation? What if we say we have one solution for all of your problems?

Yoga is no less than a miracle in our lives. It can be the change you have always wanted in your life. It is the first step you take towards transforming your life.

Yoga has the power to make you feel good instantly. It releases endorphins – the happy hormones that regulate your mood. But yoga gives more than just instant benefits.


Some psychologists even prescribe yoga on the healing journey of people who are clinically depressed. Also, regular yoga practice keeps multiple diseases away from you.

It boosts your immunity system, but that is not all. Even cancer patients are suggested to do yoga once they are cancer-free to avoid a relapse. Yoga takes a holistic approach to health by taking care of your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Yoga has its origins in Hinduism and thus, also captures the essence of spirituality. It helps one connect to the soul and set out on the inward journey to finding oneself.

So, what is stopping you from doing yoga? If you at least don’t listen to the world, at least listen to the body. Your body is constantly speaking to you, and yoga helps you be more mindful of it. But are you struggling to see these signs?

This article talks about six signs that your body is telling you to start doing yoga in Melbourne today!

Backaches: We are enslaved by backaches from such an early age. Our lifestyle is such that we spend most of our time in front of devices. This is extremely injurious for our body postures. Yoga will help you cater to your backaches. We cannot let go of our lifestyle. But we can heal our backs.

Headaches and Migraines: Are you someone who gets frequent bouts of cluster headaches and migraines? These headaches can be very painful and create problems in daily living.

Yoga is such a beautiful thing that it can even regulate migraine pains. Regular yoga practice keeps migraines in check. Not only that, but there are also specialized yoga practices for migraines that help you feel relief instantly.

Rigidity: Is your body growing rigid every day? Do you find it difficult to stretch and get the sugar kept on the top shelf? Yoga takes care of that too. It includes a lot of stretching that helps get rid of the rigidity of your body.

It tends to the rigidity in parts you would never have otherwise paid attention to. Gluts, inner thighs, toes, obliques – yoga stretches take care of them all.

Cramps: Cramps are caused by several reasons, including dehydration. But it is caused mainly because of the strain on otherwise stiff muscles.

Yoga tends to the uncared muscles and gives them the love that they deserve. Cramps can be excruciating. If you get cramps a lot, yoga is the best solution for you.

Frequent fevers: Some people fall sick more than others. That is because their immune systems are weak. This can happen due to multiple reasons.

Most times, we don’t eat mindfully. As a result, many nutritions get left out of our diet. Yoga is not an alternative to these nutrients, but it definitely helps boost the immunity system that then protects you.

Digestion problems: As we grow older, our body finds it difficult to digest. For our bodies to break down the food, it needs a lot of energy. This keeps lacking when we are old. As a result, many digestion problems creep up.

Digestion problems are more common in people once they hit 30. But it is not talked about pretty often. Yoga takes care of digestion problems with the same panache.

However, it is best not to do yoga right before or after eating. This is because the energy saved could be used to digest the food properly. Practice yoga only 3-4 hours after eating.

Thus these are the six signs that your body needs yoga, and there are more. But don’t wait for them to show up. Get on the mat and keep mental and physical illnesses away.

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