Common hazards associated with working at height

We usually come across a number of sites where construction is being carried out at one place or the other round the year. The construction work done by the skilled labor is not as complicated as it seems, but working at height sometimes becomes a challenge for them. Working at height usually involves a lot of challenges and hazards that may cause severe injuries and fatalities that sometimes even lead to death.

Common hazards associated with working at height

Moreover, it involves extremely high risk, and even most of the accidents while working at heights were recorded worldwide due to failure of protection measures. Protection is something that is extremely important when it comes to working at heights during construction work. Since there are a few common hazards that are associated with workers while working at height, protection measures are a must.

On the other hand, the workers on-site must be provided enough material and pieces of equipment so that working at heights can be easily managed with some safety measures in hand. To ease this situation, residential and commercial scaffolding hire service has now become accessible with Alta scaffolding. Furthermore, Alta scaffolding assures you get your job done on time and at a reasonable price, along with an assurance of the highest safety standards.

Now, if we talk about the common hazards which are associated with working at height, it is important to know about them so as to ensure safety while working on a construction site.

1. Falling from ladders, roofs, and fragile surfaces- A major hazard

Working at a height is one of the most common causes of injuries and major accidents or fatalities. The common causes include falling from ladders, roofs, and other fragile surfaces. Falling from such a height can cause severe injury to the workers. With a view to avoiding such disaster to take place- proper planning, supervision is necessary and to ensure that the work must be carried out only by the skilled workers.

2. Few other examples of hazards associated with working at heights.

Working on elevated surfaces, roofs, over tanks, water or pits, on steep ground and cliffs, on the top of trailers or vehicles are some other examples that are also the major causes that contribute to hazards while working on a height. These all factors involve high risk if there is any sort of leniency.

3. Severity of injury depends on a number of factors.

A very well-known point to consider while working at height is that the ultimate hazard is falling from a certain height. It doesn’t necessarily require falling from a huge distance to get yourself injured. How severe your injury will be is basically determined by a few factors, including age, weight, how you fall on the ground, the surface you land on and the position, etc. Depending upon the factors, the severity of an injury can be easily determined.

4. Sudden change in weather may also cause a fatality.

Another common hazard associated with working at height may take place on the change of weather. A few cases have also been reported where a worker died of electric shock. While working at a height, the change in weather and sudden rainfall can cause the area to be slippery and may increase the chances of electrical disturbances.

5. Hazard of equipment not fixed properly.

Last but not least, despite having proper arrangements and fixing of scaffolding and ladder properly, there is still a scope to fall on the ground. It may take place due to the pieces of equipment getting lost or not being properly fixed in their place. It may cause a severe injury and may also lead to the sudden death of the worker.

To Conclude

With the above hazards associated with working at heights, it is clear that in the event of any leniency, the circumstances can be disastrous and may ultimately cause a severe injury or death. It is recommended to be safe and take precautions while working at such heights.


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