3 Ways To Support Someone When A Loved One Dies

We all have people in our lives that we care for. So when one of these people experiences a loss of a loved one, it can be hard to see them going through this tough time. And while it might not feel like there’s much that you can do to help them when they are grieving, there are things that you can do to be a support for them.

To help you learn how this can be done, here are three ways to support someone when a loved one dies.

Support Someone When Loved One Dies

Take On The Practical Responsibilities

When someone has had a loved one die, it can be hard to complete even the most mundane and simple of tasks. But if you’re there to support them, you can take care of these kinds of responsibilities for them.

Especially if your friend or loved one has major responsibilities of their own, like if they’re a parent, there are all kinds of things that you can help them out with that will show them your support and make their life run more smoothly during this time. Things like grocery shopping, making meals, watching their kids or pets, cleaning their home, caring for their property, and other daily and household tasks can relieve a great burden from them. And if they’re having a hard time with things like funeral arrangements, assisting them where you can with things like funeral flowers or other responsibilities can be incredibly helpful.

Reach Out Without Judgment

In the first few days and weeks after the death of their loved one, there are likely going to be a lot of people around to offer your friend support. But when the death stops being at the forefront of everyone else’s mind, they’ll still need love and support.

To give them this, make it a priority of yours to continually reach out to them in the weeks and months following the funeral. And as you reach out to them, make sure you’re withholding any judgment about what they look like or how they’re handling things as they grieve.

 Connect Them To Support You Cannot Give

For times when the grief your friend is feeling is something that you can’t relate to but you know that there are others out there who can, you may want to find ways that you can connect your friend to outside support. This can be especially helpful if there is trauma around the death that your friend will need to work through over the next part of their life. Connecting with people who can relate to them during this time can be invaluable.

If you want to support someone who’s just had a loved one die but you’re not sure what to do, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you know where to start.

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