The Future of Product Development

Products and services are continually evolving with future needs in mind. There are several elements that must be considered when developing and innovating, including the environment, sustainability, and simplicity.

The latest campaign from 1HQ shares an innovative product concept that looks at the future of lipstick and meets all three elements mentioned above.

The lipstick applicator is named Moi, and allows users to save their colour selections and create unique fades, patterns, and gradients. The application uses voice command and is conveniently controlled via a traditional lipstick style tube, meaning the colour could instantly be applied to any skin tone or to match any fashion choice.

A digital lipstick will help the beauty industry reduce the amount of plastic that it contributes to the environment, as it would be a reusable product.

This design concept highlights the importance of the three elements mentioned earlier. This post will look at each element in further detail.

Product Development


The environment should be at the top of all businesses lists when it comes to innovation. The key things to bear in mind are the materials and production process you choose to use when creating your product. Less damaging elements should always be identified and used to help futureproof the planet and return your business.


To help the environment it’s important that all materials used to create your product are sustainable in one way or another, whether that’s because they can be recycled, they’re biodegradable or they can be reused. This is also important to consider when thinking about package design and this does not just refer to the materials used for packaging, but also the details included in the design, so users are aware of the sustainable factors.


Users want things to be simple and therefore, this should be on your mind from the research and development stage of your new product or service. Having an easy-to-use offering will make sure your product can be picked up by a wide audience with very little knowledge and instruction needed.

Having these three factors in mind when creating that new innovation is key to future success, so it’s important to look to  the future and not just at today.

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