Decoration ideas for a New Years Eve: make your party unforgettable

Today, the accents in New Year’s Eve decorations have significantly changed:  discreet elegance and eco-style, natural colors and materials are extremely trendy.

Elements such as wood, metal, and glass are in great demand; people use even spices to create extraordinary decorations! Of course, the sweet and good old garlands, pine bumps, latex balloons (, bows, serpentines, and candles are still here with us: but even they had to undergo stylistic changes!

Decoration ideas for a New Years Eve

Now we will share with you some trendy decoration ideas for a New Year’s Eve!

1. Centerpiece Composition

Today, you don’t have to carry the big Christmas tree at home: you can replace it with aesthetically-looking DIY installations:

  • a dry tree, painted white, with red DIY houses with candles inside, hanging on the branches along with silver garlands;
  • a cone-shaped composition of braided balls wrapped in a led garland along with bows;
  • a cone-shaped installation made from books wrapped in a led garland;
  • a flat wooden cone-shaped wall composition with shelves for Christmas tree decorations, pine cones, candles, and other festive stuff.

2. Balloons

Here are some trendy ideas with balloons:

  • big golden helium balloons;
  • balloon wall: use balloons of different sizes and of light tones (white, pink, and yellow, combine them with black balloons for creating a more elegant composition);
  • balloons of light colors, combined with led garlands add a festive and cheerful touch — this idea is suitable for both wall and table decorations;
  • balloons with glitter applied to the bottoms;
  • metallic balloon letters and numbers;
  • a gold spray-painted glam balloons;
  • deconstructed balloon arch, that consists of white balloons of different size and fresh greenery;
  • balloons hanging upon the festive table (opt for black, white, and gold colors).

3. Festive Table Decoration Ideas

  • decorate the table with snow-white, gold, or silver textile tracks, add shiny mirrored globes;
  • place the decorative composition in the center of the table;
  • give preference to natural materials: wood decorations, fresh spruce branches, and pine bumps;
  • use silver or gold Christmas balls to make the centerpiece composition, hanging from the ceiling;
  • use a led garland with yellow and white lights to decorate your festive table;
  • decorate bowls and glasses with glitter;
  • put tiny candles into glass jars, full of small metallic silver balls;
  • fill glass cutlery holders with pearls;
  • make black & white bow ties and attach them to glasses;
  • arrange a composition of fresh white flowers as the table centerpiece.

4. Wreaths

They are perfect for decorating the front door, walls, furniture, fireplace, and windows.

Use pine bumps, Christmas balls, white, gold, silver, and red ribbons, berries, beads, cinnamon sticks.

5. Snowflakes

Use white paper, cardboard, candy wrappers to make fairy snowflakes. You can either make flat snowflakes or voluminous ones, or combine them to create garlands. Also, you can hang snowflakes on the fishing line, and it will feel as if they are floating in the air!

Add frost patterns on your window glass, using a spray — it will look exactly like real frost patterns and add a fairy touch!

6. Details

  • place several Christmas tree bouquets throughout the apartment;
  • use cookies and gingerbread, fruits, berries as the decoration elements; you can even make a garland from dried orange slices;
  • make large balls of threads, add some cozy rugs, beautiful cloth napkins;
  • decorate furniture (use pillows and bedspreads, tie ribbons and bows to chairs);
  • use gold and silver stars and bells everywhere;
  • make paper clocks from ruffled paper to create a feeling of an upcoming holiday!


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