What to Do If a Customer Is Injured In Your Shop

If a customer is injured in your shop it can have far-reaching consequences on your business. By opening your doors to the public, you also open yourself up to a certain amount of public liability for anything that happens to your customers whilst they are on your premises. If this kind of unfortunate incident happens in your shop, there are a few things you need to do immediately. Here are some of the steps you need to take if something like this happens in your shop.

What to Do If a Customer Is Injured In Your Shop

1. Call Emergency Services

It is vital that you call for help as soon as you can. Make sure the customer involved is physically taken care of before you concern yourself with any other aspect. Taking care of your customer’s medical needs, as a priority, is not only the right thing to do but it is also great for your company image. The act of helping an injured person is not an admission of guilt.

2. Document Absolutely Everything

As soon as your injured customer has been seen to physically and they are stable, you need to contact your insurance company. Most insurance companies have cut-off periods for when you can report a public liability incident so it is best to get this step out of the way. Your insurance company will require you to document everything that happened, if you have C.C.T.V footage of the incident then that is even better. Speak to any employees or witnesses that were in the surrounding area at the time of the incident, including your injured customer.

3. You Can Call A Lawyer

It is well within your injured customer’s rights to contact a legal representative if they feel their injury was as a result of negligence on your part as the shop owner. They may choose to consult with a slip and fall lawyer Arizona and you need to respect their right to do so. You can also consult a lawyer of your own if you feel that there was no negligence involved. Slip and fall incidences are far more prevalent in certain industries and retail spaces like casinos, so if you have a quiet little shop and you have followed all the safety precautions then it could very well just have been an accident.

4. Fix and Prevent

Whether the customer’s injury was as a result of negligence or not, the area where the incident occurred needs to be thoroughly inspected and any problems found to be fixed as soon as possible. Ensure that space is made as safe as possible to prevent any future incidents occuring.

Your shop is probably your only source of income; you do not want to risk losing that purely because you are too stubborn to admit when you have made a mistake. Sometimes freak accidents do happen but it is important that you do everything in your power to keep yourself and the public safe in your shop. Research ways to improve the safety in your shop or hire a professional to come in and address any issues they might find – you will be grateful you did!

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