What Is Vestibular Disorder and How Is It Treated?

In the current situation we are in, we cannot risk ourselves getting sick. However, sometimes we cannot avoid feeling ill, especially with the challenges we have to face each dabut we need remember that our health is the most important thing right now. We must be very careful in everything that we do and follow safety instructions released by the government.

Vestibular Disorder

However, what can you do if you are feeling dizzy lately?

Anything that you feel to your body must be put under observation. The best thing that you can do now is to consult your doctor about it. Communicate to him or her the symptoms that you are feeling. From there, you can find a solution to your problem. It will also lessen your worry about it.

If your doctor gave you a diagnosis of having a vestibular disorder, continue reading to know more about your condition.

In this article, let me discuss what vestibular system and what are the symptoms that you can get in having a vestibular disorder. You will also learn its two types and how to treat it.

What is the vestibular system?

Its function is to maintain our balance and movement. It includes the inner ear, which consists of the cochlea, semi-circular canals, and otolith organs. It also helps in sending information to the brain regarding body position and spatial movements. Read here to know more about how it works.

What are the symptoms of vestibular disorder?


Its symptoms are dizziness, blurry vision, and disorientation.

  • Dizziness

One common symptom of vestibular disorder is dizziness. It is usually a result of many things like vertigo, hypoglycaemia, low blood pressure, or hypertension. It makes the person off-balance and weak because of feeling light-headed. It requires medical treatment to avoid worsening.

 Blurry vision

Another symptom is blurred vision. You see things or objects with unclear, distorted, and cloudy, making it even difficult for you to recognize it. It may be a cause of near-sightedness or farsightedness. Yet, the most severe problem that you must face is having vestibular disorder. Visit this link https://vestibular.org to know more about it.

  • Disorientation

Aside from dizziness and blurry vision, you can also experience a mental state problem. It is called disorientation, where the person is unsure of his or her locality and identity. Its symptoms could be hallucination, delirium and agitation. Other medical conditions could result in disorientation, such as stroke, sepsis, hypoglycaemia, or amnesia.

2 Types of Vestibular Disorders and Its Treatments

  1. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)

It happens due to the transferring of the calcium carbonate crystals into other semi-circular canals in the ear. Because of this, the person feels uncomfortable and dizzy. However, the dizziness will not last for a long time and will soon go away. This condition is curable.

How to Treat BPPV:

  • There is a treatment maneuver for this one. It is where the transfer of the calcium carbonate crystals back to its original place is done. It is done with a series of head movements. Doing this removes the calcium carbonate crystals from the canal and sends relief to the patient.
  1. Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD)

For those who do not have vertigo, it gives a sensation of consistent rocking, which could last for more than three months. This condition worsens based on the person’s head or body position and if the person is exposed to a crowded moving environment. People with this condition experience anxiety disorder. This anxiety disorder could get worse if not treated.

How to Treat PPPD:

  • Vestibular Balance Rehabilitation Therapy (VBRT)

In VBRT, the patients are treated so that they would get used to moving objects or people. You can consult PT clinics such as Liberty Physical Therapy for professional and medical help regarding this condition. Their physical therapists will assist you in getting back into your healthy life again. The therapy helps in removing your anxiety and depression too.

Getting and staying healthy at this time is very difficult, yet it is possible to achieve. We could be handling different problems in our lives every day, but the good thing is that we always find a solution to it. Plus, some people are still ready to help us go through it. What is important is that we are taking action on our problems, whether it is about health or not.

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