21 Everyday Items That Use Hydraulics

Hydraulics is concerned with the application of fluids in motion, primarily liquids as a source of energy or to power movements. Sapphire Hydraulics is well experienced in building, repairing, and engineering all hydraulic machines and equipment in the Houston metro area.

21 Everyday Items That Use Hydraulics

How Common Are Hydraulic Systems in Our Everyday Lives?

Hydraulic systems are commonly used in our day to day lives and in a wide range of industries, so much so that nobody pays much attention to that, it is the new normal. They are not just in the robotics or construction industries, but you can also find them in the most fun and exciting things.

The hydraulics concept is applied to ease many aspects of the day to day life like lifting using forklifts, power heavy farming machinery, controlling airplanes, entertainment purposes in amusement parks, braking system in vehicles, cranes to lift materials in construction sites and compress substances to take up less space and many other areas.

What Industries Rely Heavily on Hydraulic Equipment?

Many industries rely on hydraulic equipment to carry out their daily operations. Some of these industries are:

  • Amusement parks– Hydraulics allow amusement park machines like roller coasters to keep functioning correctly, ride after ride.
  • Automotive– All aspects of the automotive industry require hydraulics from the manufacturing stage like car assembly and stamping, and the day to day functions of the car like the brakes, and various motors and pumps.
  • Aerospace- The process and the machinery used in the construction of airplanes uses hydraulics. Hydraulics systems are very reliable and only use small amounts of hydraulic fluid to provide high-pressure amounts, which is vital for an airplane’s functionality. The brakes and landing gears also use hydraulic equipment.
  • Mining- Most underground mining equipment like crushers, shovels, conveyors, and loaders use hydraulics, as the components are explosion-proof and powerful. The other machinery used at the site, too, like the earthmovers and excavators are used to move dirt, and other materials use hydraulics.

Everyday Equipment that Uses Hydraulics

Car Lift- A hydraulic car life is a mechanism that is used to lift and move objects like cars with force created from exerting pressure on liquid held in a piston. A car lift, also known as a car elevator, helps transport cars from one floor of a building to another, or lift them from the ground so one can easily access the undercarriage.

Fluid Transfer System– This is a set of components that allows for energy transmission through fluids from one area of the hydraulic system to another, enabling motion and work to be accomplished.

Hydraulic Accumulators Block– A hydraulic accumulator is a storage reservoir for non-compressible hydraulic fluid held under pressure exerted from an external source of mechanical energy. The accumulators store this pressurized fluid and only release it as need be and smooth out pulsations. The accumulator blocks allow for the isolation of the accumulator from the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Crane- The hydraulics technology has benefited the construction industry greatly, lifting heavy materials up high-story buildings. Hydraulic cranes are used to erect buildings and lift rebar beams and multi-ton concrete. It is also used in rescuing other heavy machineries like heavy trucks and locomotives.

Hydraulic drill motor– A drill motor converts electrical power into mechanical motion for different applications. When the hydraulic fluid moves under pressure, it causes the drill to create an impact moving up and down, while also rotating to create digging potential.

Hydraulic Forklift Rotator– A forklift is used for the short distance movement of materials or lifting, and are therefore ideal for warehouses. Hydraulic forklift rotators allow for efficient and safe rotation of loads for dumping.

Hydraulic Gooseneck trailer– A gooseneck is an extension over the bed of a tow vehicle for increased stability and allowing for more weight. A hydraulic one will allow for raising or lowering of deck height depending on the terrain, and attaching or detaching to the deck is quicker.

Hydraulic Hand Crane – A crane is used to provide more considerable lifting and movement capabilities with minimal effort, and is manually operated. The hand-operated cranes have a foot pump and require manpower to operate it, and the hydraulic power allows for heavier loads to be lifted.

Hydraulic Jack –A hydraulic jack is a device that is used to reliably and safely lift heavy loads by creating pressure through the hydraulic cylinder chamber via the pump plunger.

Hydraulic Motor OMR 100 –This is a mechanical device used for industrial applications as mixers, conveyors, augers, or rolling mills. It converts hydraulic energy in the form of flow or pressure into some rotational mechanical energy.

Hydraulic Piston- This is a part of a hydraulic cylinder attached to a piston rod that enables linear motion transfer, by separating the interior cap side and the interior rod side of the hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Power Pack- This is astand-alone, self-contained device,consisting of a fluid reservoir, motor, regulators, hydraulic pump, that provide hydraulic power to run other machines through a valve.

Hydraulic pump station- Gasoline pumps use hydraulics mechanism when drawing fuel from their storage tanks and into the tanks of vehicles.

Hydraulic Stand- This is a stand that utilizes hydraulic pressure to raise or lower heavy objects like vehicles. The top surface has curved support where the items being lifted rest, with its legs extending outwards to provide broad-based support.

Hydraulic Winch – This is aheavy-dutylifting or hauling device powered by a hydraulic pump or system, and is used to handle large amounts of tasks in water or on land. They are equipped with long-life motors and come equipped with a set of high strength alloy gear.

I Beam Log Splitter- The log splitter comes in handy in splitting pieces of logs. It makes wood-cutting easier and safe, saving you from physical fatigue that comes from manual wood chopping. The log splitter uses a hydraulic cylinder that is driven by oil pressure produced by a hydraulic pump.

Patient Body Lift– This is a piece of equipment created to enable the safe handling of patients by the caregivers. The hydraulic system allows for the rotation and movement of patients without swaying from side-to-side.

Self-Primed Pump– A self-primed pump uses hydraulics to evacuate air from an inlet in the pump section lines without requiring auxiliary services.

Tank Hydraulic – This is a tank or reservoir for holding hydraulic fluid supply, designed to permit air to escape, allow for fluid expansion, and help the fluid cool.

Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinder – This is a linear actuator, with tubular rods(sleeves) nested inside each other as they sequentially decrease in their diameter size. They are used to dump trailers, vacuum trucks, or bodies.

Viking Hydraulic Motor- Hydraulic motor is used in applications that require force /torque. It converts hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy to push gears, vanes, and pistons attached to the crankshaft.

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