Can You Mix Different CBD Products?

The vast selection of CBD products allows everyone to choose the ideal product for their lifestyle. Aside from health benefits, CBD offers a fun experience to discover new products. Research studies about CBD’s effectiveness and its proponents report that you can use different CBD products, but they are not the same.

If you are wondering to know how to mix different CBD products, keep reading. Here we will provide all essential information about combining CBD tinctures, capsules, and other supplements.

Different CBD Products

Why Mix CBD Products?

One of the appealing virtue of CBD is that you can take it as oils, edibles, tinctures, add it to food & drinks. However, each CBD product has a unique consumption method, strength, onset time, and suitability.

Typically, people mix different CBD products to benefit from the cannabinoids versatile influence. For example, you can take CBD oil to freshen your morning, but you cannot take it conveniently while working. Overall, mixing CBD with other products to attain versatility and strength is simple. But you have to focus on the daily dose you want to achieve.

Reasons to Mix Different CBD Products

Here are some reasons you may want to mix different CBD products in the first place:

  • For overall stronger experience
  • To tackle various issues
  • To enhance the relief
  • For experimenting

How to Combine Different CBD Products?

Let us talk about things you have to consider before mixing two different CBD products.

1. Types of Products

You may be familiar that CBD edibles, topicals, and tinctures have different bioavailability. The absorption rate of CBD determines how quickly you experience the effects. Moreover, it determines how long the CBD remains active in your system. Mixing of different products will results in peak at varying times.

2. CBD Potency

Another notable thing is to determine the milligram strength of each product. For example, if you mix 1 mg of edibles with 2 mg of CBD oil, it will not give you much potency. It is because the edibles have to pass through the digestive system and liver before reaching the bloodstream.

3. Type of Extract

You might be familiar that there are three types of CBD extracts:

  • CBD isolates
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Broad-spectrum CBD

Before mixing any CBD products, be sure to check the types of extract. In general, the product label clearly states the type of extract and third-party lab testing report that ensures brand transparency.

4. Take Your Time with CBD

Always take CBD oil or any other product low & slow. It means the potential of CBD lies in its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. For example, if you vape CBD oil, it reaches the bloodstream promptly than CBD capsules that pass the digestive tract. That is why no two CBD products can impart the experience alike.

Final Thoughts

Mixing different CBD products is safe as CBD in a non-intoxicating compound. If you are taking any medications, consult your healthcare provider first before incorporating CBD products. If you want to take CBD for overall health and wellness, you can combine different products to use throughout the day.



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