Are All CBD Oil Products the Same?

CBD oil products seem to be on almost every shelf these days, with numerous different brands and types all advertising themselves as the very best.

However, what sets these products apart? Isn’t CBD oil pretty much the same wherever you go? What about all the product types? Let’s find out.

CBD Oil Products

What Is CBD Oil?

To be able to differentiate between different types of CBD products, you need first to understand what CBD oil is. At its base, CBD oil is a solution containing some type of cannabidiol, a prominent cannabinoid found in hemp plants, and some form of oil.

Getting the CBD out of hemp plants is where CBD oil manufacturers come in. They subject industrial hemp to carbon dioxide that has been heated to a supercritical temperature. Supercritical CO2 can then act as both a liquid and a gas, giving it the unique physical properties that enable it to extract CBD from hemp plants.

It takes the desired cannabinoids, plus a few extra terpenes and other compounds, and leaves the plant matter behind. This solution is then taken and suspended within any edible oil, like coconut oil or hemp seed oil, and is then packaged and sold.

At its most simple form, this is what CBD oil is, and indeed what most other CBD products are made from. Other CBD products commonly contain CBD oil as their base ingredient, as it is so easy to make more complicated manufactured CBD goods from a CBD solution like CBD oil.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all CBD products are the same, however. While many do contain CBD oil, they are still fundamentally different.

But what makes them different?

How Different Are CBD Oil Products? Method of Intake

One of the main differences between different types of CBD products is the way in which you imbibe them. While CBD is generally designed to be taken sublingually, meaning under the tongue, or applied to food, some people prefer to get their CBD in other ways.

For example, you could take a CBD edible, which would allow you to imbibe CBD orally. This could be something interesting like CBD coffee or CBD chocolate, but could also be the more dependable and sweet-tasting CBD gummies.

Some people prefer not to have to ingest or orally imbibe their CBD whatsoever, and so want a more physical ability to get their CBD.

The best way to accomplish this is through CBD topicals. This allows CBD users to apply their CBD products wherever they like, giving them much greater control of how and where they get their CBD.

As a matter of fact, this is another difference as well – what part of the body CBD affects.

How Different Are CBD Oil Products? Where They Affect

When you imbibe CBD products orally, it is assimilated into your bloodstream through the same assimilation method that other drugs are subjected to. This allows the CBD to affect the entire body, spreading out its effects everywhere.

But what about those that are looking for a more specific, localized approach to CBD use? For this, you can easily use CBD topicals.

CBD topicals are an insanely broad spectrum of different CBD products, but they each have their own specific purposes. You can apply a CBD lotion to an injured area, for example, and enjoy its benefits in that area first before the rest of your body assimilates it.

This greater control is a fundamental quality of CBD topicals that makes them so hugely distinct from other CBD products.

How Different Are CBD Oil Products? How They Are Used

While a good portion of CBD users is taking it for a specific purpose or treatment, there are still a significant number of people that prefer to take their CBD recreationally.

However, why suffer the unpleasant taste of CBD oils, or the relatively empty sensation of swallowing a CBD capsule, when you can smoke it instead?

CBD-rich cannabis or even CBD concentrates and CBD vaporizers allow users to get not only their CBD, but also some great flavor as well.

Whether from the terpenes in the CBD-rich cannabis or through flavoring agents added in vape pens, this method lets users enjoy themselves whatever way they want.

Final Thoughts: Are All CBD Oil Products the Same?

While it can be incredibly confusing when looking for CBD for sale, there are actually some pretty clear distinctions between the different types of CBD products.

Whether you prefer to ingest your CBD, smoke it with flavor, or apply it topically, the sheer range of CBD products at places like PureKana means there’s always something worth checking out.

The only question is which type is the right one for you.

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