SEO Backlink Research for Search Engine Optimization Campaigns

Backlinks are an integral part of building your online ranking with search engines such as Google. While they aren’t the most crucial element, it may be possible that it’s one of the reasons why your competitors are outranking you. Simply because they have a higher reputation among multiple platforms, users, and more avenues than you. Why is this important? Well, even if their reviews and avenues have false information, or negative information, they’re making more of an impact on other sites and getting more backlinks. In this guide, we’ll show you all about SEO Backlink research for search engine optimization campaigns and how they work.

SEO Backlink Research

How it Works

What SEO experts, like digital marketing services, do is actually research competitors first. This means they look at their websites, on-page SEO, off-page SEO tactics, and see what’s making the top ranking results higher than you. After this is in place, they start to see how they are building their backlinks and links in general, looking for keywords in links, and more (to improve SEO some companies include keywords in their actual links to make them get more backlinks that relay to their keyword optimization too).

Then they literally use their same tactics and apply it to your business. Isn’t that stealing? Well, not really. That’s considered competitive marketing tactics. It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and the most important factor is that you’re one of the alphas, or the omega’s. Therefore, in order to become the alpha, you need to step up your game like your current alphas so you can fight fire with fire.

Then the Local Analysis

Once your competitor has been thoroughly accessed, it’s time to start applying competitor practices to your own website and SEO principles. This way, you can see what competitors are getting more backlinks than you. Then you can start getting your online persona built and/or resolved by utilizing the same principals. This is comparable to the way that competing businesses will throw a sale out there for their customers and price things just a little bit lower (while still gaining maximum profit possible) in order to get more customers and win over their competitors’ customer bases to increase their return on investment and revenue.

Conclusion: How are Competitors Getting their Backlinks?

This is the second main part you need to consider applying these steps to your own. Are they using an SEO agency? Using ghost writers? Are they getting more blog posts out there on random places to increase their strategies? And another avenue that people tend to neglect. What about their Facebook and social media profiles and pages? Are they building a ton of backlinks on there or with their followers? All of these things need to be considered and depending on how much you want to dominate your competitor; you may want to think about using all of these avenues in your own backlink building campaign.

As mentioned above, in the past, it was easy just to use the regular backlink methods and keyword search algorithms, but now even more than ever, social media and mobile sites are taking precedence. It’s important that you use these avenues as well, and if all else fails, you may end up being able to get the same amount of backlinks with your own keywords and optimizations by playing the “hasn’t been used” terms to land high google rankings.

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