A living room is the life and soul of your house, where everyone gathers to enjoy cozy family time and engage in heartwarming conversations. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, outdoor activities got limited globally. And stay at home order is administered by most states. As a result, most people were restricted to their homes all day. On the plus side, families spend more time together; they ate together and engaged in indoor activities more often.

The new lifestyle urged a better organized and comfortable living space where all the family members can mingle and enjoy. Upgrading your living room is an excellent way to make your family time more entertaining and refreshing.

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The following are the seven ways you can spruce up your living room:

1. Add A Rustic Flair

You cannot go wrong with a rustic flair. Add a wooden beam to accentuate the living area and add color to the dull white background. Such tones will add warmth and richness to the decorative palette of your living room. Add a stone or brick fireplace with deep rich tones to accentuate the warm tones in the room. You can also add panels above the fireplace and display your treasured art pieces. All these elements come together perfectly to add charm and elegance to your living room.

2. An Accent Wall

Painting the entire living room to get a fresh new feel is not worth it. You can achieve terrific results by sprucing up just one wall in your living room. You can add color, some texture, or a pattern to transform the look of the room. You can choose between cool dark tones in contrast with the whole room’s white and light tones. The statement wall can have an array of family pictures, or you can turn it into a fireplace. Ensure you secure your furniture before painting or decorating walls as the furniture and fragile items like decorations can get easily damaged from moving around. Opt for an affordable storage unit to secure your belongings before the start of the renovation process.

3. Add Natural Element 

Adding some fresh green plants and flowers can make your living area more soothing to the eyes. You can keep flowers like daffodils, tulips, or petunias to add bright colors or keep spider plant and money plant to add some greenery and natural element to the room. The added benefit of free air-purifying never hurts anyone. If you are not keen on gardening and maintaining such plants, you can choose from the low maintenance succulents and display them in a planter.

4. Put A Rug In The Middle

If you want to give a comfortable yet luxurious look to your living room, add a designer rug in the middle of the room. If you have a hardwood floor, a thicker rug can enhance the room’s coziness and luxurious ambiance. It also makes it a focal point of the room. So choose the color, thickness, pattern, and texture of your carpet in a way that complements the theme of your living room.

5. Place Some Antique Items 

Every living room needs a bit of history to add personality to the area. Antique items have a certain charm and allure that can make your living room feel heartening. You can add any antique decoration pieces, a chandelier, mirror, or chairs to get this effect. If you are looking for antique collectibles, you can find them at thrift shops and garage sales. A quick dusting, paint, and polish can upcycle any piece and make it look lively again.

6. Beautiful Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures can change the whole look of a room. It can highlight the essential pieces and add ambiance to the room. So if you want to create a cozy yet modern feel to your living room, add lighting fixtures. You can choose between the more modern styles like pendant lighting or flush mounts. A more traditional choice can be having a shiny chandelier in the middle of the living room.

7. Floating Shelves 

Your living room needs space for all those decorative items and books you collected. So add some floating shelves, racks, and cabinets to make more room for decorative pieces. An open bookshelf can also add depth to the room and make it more inviting. Keep small plants to add color and texture to these shelves.


The size of your living room doesn’t matter. Your decorative and furniture choices are all that matter in making the place look elegant and luxurious. You don’t need a huge budget to achieve the desired look. Only simple changes and smart choices can transform your old living room into a brand new one. Please don’t go overboard with the decorations and make it look cluttered with so many knick-knacks. Instead, decorate it with a few quality crystal pieces and antiques to give it an elegant look.

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