Simple Ways For Students To Improve Their Mental Health While Stuck Inside

There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a difficult year for many, and students certainly haven’t been immune to their significant shift in routine. Having to study remotely is never easy, particularly when it means students don’t have access to socials interactions that they rely on, but there are ways to ensure that staying inside isn’t all bad. Although the pandemic will come to an end, in this article we provide a few great tips to improve motivation and mental health that you can apply to your studies whenever you might experience long stretches of time alone studying at home.

Simple Ways For Students To Improve Their Mental Health

Check in on yourself frequently

Whether you’re a student in ecu student accommodation or off-campus housing in Melbourne or Sydney, staying inside presents identical problems for students. If you’ve found the motivation to be a struggle, it might be a good idea to take a moment to check in with yourself. Poor mental health can very easily develop without the presence of social supports and feelings of sadness, frustration and anger can seemingly spring up for no reason. If they do, it might be an indication that you’re experiencing intense emotions for a reason. Poor mental health can develop for a wide variety of reasons, but the important thing is to take steps to remedy this wherever possible. Getting the right amount of sleep every night, eating the right foods, and exercising are all very important aspects of mental health, but they don’t necessarily solve everything. If your issues can’t be solved by simple lifestyle changes, getting in touch with a mental health professional can help steer you on the right course with simple, actionable tips.

Routine is the saviour of many

Although it may seem like a bit of a pointless exercise, setting and sticking to a routine is one of the best ways to improve your mental health. Although you might like your long, lazy sleep ins and frequent naps, guiding your day more effectively can dramatically improve your motivation and what you accomplish as a result. This, as you might expect, can significantly improve the mental health of students and can give them a lot more energy than they once had. Routines don’t have to resemble hectic appointments that you accomplish by the hour – instead, small things like setting an alarm and going to sleep at the same time every night can help improve your sleep and launch you into the day. Setting dedicated hours of the day to study can also be very helpful in this regard. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip every now and then, as the important thing is actually trying to stick to the routine wherever possible – everybody is human, after all!

Improve your mental health to improve your studies

Although taking care of yourself is actually more difficult than it might first seem, investing this energy is a worthwhile investment in your health in the long-term. Managing your mental health is the first step to better study habits, but the tips we’ve outlined are great for general application in many other circumstances as well. Remember, even when study seems to be getting hectic – your mental health should be your top priority.

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