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The Saral Portal Haryana is established by the Government of Haryana, via which Haryana residents may effortlessly access 380+ services while sitting at home. This straightforward site serves as a centralised service delivery platform for Haryana residents. The Saral Haryana Portal allows all residents of the state to obtain a list of all programmes and services, including ration cards, dairy loans, and pensions, in PDF format.

The Saral Haryana Portal also provides access to over 40+ downloadable forms in PDF format that can be used for applications such as before-joining passbooks, milk cards, and ration cards. These forms may be downloaded from Saral Haryana Portal or printed out from the official department websites. The portal has already covered almost 80% of the government’s objectives. The portal facilitates earlier access to government schemes for the middle class and poor.

Saral Portal Haryana

About Saral Haryana Portal

The Government of Haryana through the Saral Haryana Portal maintains a list of various services and schemes available. These services include pension schemes, housing, dairy loans, scholarships, and many more. The portal is constantly updated with new scheme notifications and implemented scheme details. The portal provides detailed information about benefit eligibility criteria too.  Saral Haryana Portal started functioning as part of the Saral Digital India Programme which aims to enable every resident of Haryana to have access to digital services for self-service delivery at home or office.

Main objectives of the Saral portal Haryana: 

The main objectives of the Saral Haryana portal are to ensure convenience and transparency in the government delivery of services and schemes, to reduce red tape in government delivery of services, and to create greater awareness about various government schemes. The Haryana Saral portal operates through a simple interface that enables citizens to access over 260+ services and schemes in a single place. Each relevant service or scheme is listed on the portal under its respective heading. Various other state departments, such as the revenue department, police department, etc., have also been made accessible by the Saral Haryana portal through their respective dedicated portals.

Saral Portal Haryana Login details for

Step 1: You can search google or any search engine with the term “Saral Portal Haryana Login”, or “saral”.

Step 2: Click the login link given here

Step 3: Enter your Login ID and Enter your password, Captcha details and click the Login button and enjoy surfing.

Benefits of this Portal

  1. The Saral Haryana Portal has been designed in such a manner that it enables residents to access information pertaining to government schemes and services, submit online applications, check the status of applications as well as obtain printouts of necessary forms for further use.
  2. The Saral Haryana portal also provides a platform for Quality Assurance by the state government through the Haryana e-Governance.
  3. Saral Haryana Portal has been downloaded by over 1.2 million users in Haryana, out of which around 80% are from the rural part of the state and have access to only 15% of the total government schemes.
  4. The Saral portal offers a large number of services and schemes to enable state citizens to access various government services from the comfort of their homes or offices through a simple interface.

Final Verdict: 

We have provided you with all of the pertinent information on Saral Haryana Portal in this post. Gather information while sitting at home and use these techniques. This online service website would undoubtedly shorten the time it takes to approve applications and reach the inhabitants of Haryana.

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