Top Vaping for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

The year is 2019, and while vaping started becoming more and more popular a couple of years ago, the current trend is now “hip to vape” without being considered a hipster. It’s being used as a more modern alternative to common smoking cessation practices that even health professionals are starting to lean towards, as well as just general recreational use that can actually help ease things like anxiety, depression, and so much more.

health benefits of Vaping

How Did Vaping Originate?

Believe it or not, Egyptians are some of the first who used a form of “vaping, by using aromatherapy and herbal steam therapy by using hot stones to vape wet herbs. The Indian Spirit Shisha was another thing that people have linked with the origination of vaping. Vaping actually came up in 1027 when Jo Robinson created an electronic vaporizer that involved herbal vaporization rather than standard vaporizer machines.

E-Cigarettes First

Most commonly to quit smoking, vaping an e-cigarette can help you quit smoking, and is actually like a “gateway” to vaping, as it involves using “tobacco” flavored vapored cartridges, some disposable, and some that are actual mods (the cartridges are disposable but the batteries are reusable) most often. These were the first, and are still the primary alternative to quitting smoking today.

Choosing a Vape Pen

Most of these are still advancing but using these “vape pens” are commonly used, because you can even use these items with other forms of e-juice. Because of this, they’re being more widely used even they’re less recommended than regular e-cigarettes and this can be seen when you click here. Most users choose these because of their compact ability and ease of use, and these are almost all rechargeable.

Vaping Terminology

If you’re going to vape, you need to do your homework and have an understanding of vaping terms that can enhance your experience.

PG = Propylene Glycol – One of the primary “thinners” that make it possible to vape.

VG = Vegetable Glycerin – the less harmful ingredient that helps in producing the “smoke” you get from vaping.

Mod Box = An advanced vaping tool that often has a juice tank, and a larger ohm omitting battery box for vapor production. Try not to

VG/PG ratio = The higher the vegetable glycerin, the thicker the “vape” smoke is, and the more productivity you will get. Be careful though, as with items such as vape pens and smaller units, higher VG isn’t required, and can actually burn up your filters faster, as well as make your vape pen heat up more and can result in injury. Only use the recommended PG/VG ratio that is recommended by your machine’s manual.


Vaping is becoming more and more popular, and because of this there are many people who are being more and more successful at vaping. If you’re going to start vaping, you want to ensure that you know how to dot your I’s and cross your T’s with it. Not just knowing the terminology, but knowing what brands are safe, and which ones have had issues with it. Also, as much as possible when it comes to beginning vaping, if you’re a smoker, use a higher nicotine content for smaller pens (about a 18mg dose is fine), and work your way down. If you’re planning on buying a mod box, then you may want to drop down to about 6mg since the vapor will be much thicker.

Not only this, but one thing to try and avoid unless you become a very experienced vape professional is custom mod boxes. Don’t ever think that anything that you modify is going to be foolproof, as these are the most common devices that have issues. It’s best when you’re first starting out to buy a mod and use that mod exactly the way it is, as well as be thoughtful on the PG/VG ratio mentioned above to help for your own safety.

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