5 Hidden Dangers of Water Leaks in a Building

Water leaks can occur in any home or commercial property at some point. Leaks can be difficult to detect and trace if they are small. But regardless of size, leaks should not be taken lightly. Even the tiniest sign of water leak can be an indicator of a greater problem. When left unaddressed, it can also snowball into bigger and more costly damage.

Some property owners tend to ignore certain issues in the building if they don’t appear to be risky.  However, a leaky pipe or faucet requires immediate attention from a plumber in Seattle, WA.  As a responsible property owner, property maintenance and repairs must be your top priority to prevent more serious problems from happening in the future.Dangers of Water Leaks

Dangers of Water Leakage

Detecting and addressing leaks on time is essential. Delaying action can lead to greater damage that can impact your property and your health. Below are the hazards of hidden water leaks:

  • Fungal and Mould Growth

Among the most pressing problems that water damage can cause is the growth of fungi and moulds inside a building. These organisms breed spores that contaminate the air which is detrimental to the health of occupants. When spores reach water sources, they can proliferate and produce more spores to saturate the ambient air. Mould spores can cause nasal congestion, coughing, difficulty breathing, and sneezing. The effect is more severe to people with weakened immune systems or those with pre-existing medical conditions. Infants growing up in a household known to have mould growth are likely to develop asthma.

  • Structural Damage

In addition to health hazards, water leaks could also damage the structure of a property. The immediate effect of leaks include discolouration and staining on the walls. When a wall begins absorbing water from a defective pipe or other types of water damage, the wall starts to swell up. You want to fix this problem immediately so as not to compromise the structural integrity of your building. This can be very alarming if you’re dealing with important structures like support beams.

  • Water contamination

Got a leak triggered by a broken or burst pipe used for delivering drinking water throughout the building? Water coming from this pipe is at an increased risk of contamination, as contaminants can easily enter a pipe subject to sudden changes in water pressure and velocity. This is a high-risk problem that warrants the help of a plumber in Bolton. Avoid tackling this issue on your own.

  • Ballooning Utility Bills

Leaks will drive up your water bills as well as your energy consumption. This can occur when the water damages your insulation. When the leak finds its way to your attic, ceiling, or roof, it damages your insulation as well. As a result, warm/cold air is lost, increasing your heating and cooling requirements.

  • Fire Hazard

One of the least expected dangers of leaks is a fire hazard. A leak surrounding electrical wiring heightens the risk of short circuits and shorted wires, causing electrical fires. When you spot a leak near wiring, turn off the electricity and call a professional commercial electrician to handle the problem

How to Spot Water Leaks

Depending on the case, leaks can be noticeable particularly if burst pipes are involved. Burst pipes often result in flooding and entail significant mess. Pipe and drainage problems can be hard to repair and they require the assistance of a professional plumber or drain services in Toronto. Minor leak problems can be so subtle that you wouldn’t see obvious warning signs. Minor leaks can be caused by joint fitting problems and you can easily fix them on your own.

Signs hinting at leakage problems include:

  • low water pressure from your faucets
  • stains on your walls/ceilings (discolourations and traces of water drippings)
  • higher water bills

As soon as you see these signs, it would be best to respond right away and find the origin of the leak. Have the cause of the leak repaired before they could develop into irreparable damage.

It’s always better to stay safe than sorry. Early detection of a possible leak can spare you from damaging and life-threatening leakage problems. Have your leaks repaired by a professional plumber immediately so avoid future problems.

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