6 Tips to convince your kids to take their medications

One of the most challenging things for parents is to get their kids to take their medications. It is usually seen that kids tend to get adamant or irritated when it comes to taking their medication dosage. It sometimes happens because some kids are not capable of swallowing tablets with water; as a result, it becomes more difficult to convince them to take their medicines that too, on time. Hence, convincing them to take their medicines turns out to be a tedious task, especially when it’s important to take the dose.

On the other hand, when you realize that your kid is unwell, you look at ways just to get him/ her to feel better, even by hugging them, cuddling on the bed, or by letting them watch and play their favorite cartoon or game, respectively. But to let them take their medicine effortlessly is something that needs your extra care and attention. However, being the guardians, at first you should also try to make your kids take their medicine patiently. Sometimes, this trick works well when it comes to getting things done by your kids patiently.

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Furthermore, parents should also know about the ways to convince their kids to take their medicines. In this article, we have listed out some of the best tips so that your kids can be convinced easily:-

1. Always have a positive attitude.

This is one of the most important tips if you wish to get your kids convinced and take their medicines easily. You should start patiently so that your kid gets convinced easily and take their medicines happily. If you have a negative attitude, it can make your kids adamant. So, a positive attitude is a must to let your kids get ready to take their medications.

2. Give your kids some control.

If you are looking at ways to convince your kids to take their medicines, you should ensure that your kids have some control if they understand enough. Explain and let them understand why they need to take this medicine and how it will help them to recover. You can also teach your kids to be somewhat habitual of taking medicines when required by letting them have fun while playing medical games. Let them practice by giving medicines to a stuffed animal or a doll.

3. Seeking a bit of medical advice from a doctor.

The medications that your kids take may differ as to the doctor’s changes. Some may prescribe medicines to consume twice a day, whereas others may advise 4 tablets a day. Moreover, the doctor may also prescribe medicines with better taste and are more concentrated and need to be taken less often. So, seeking help from a doctor is yet another tip to convince your child easily.

4. Set an example for your kids.

Sometimes, pretending in front of your kids that you are also having medicines will assure them that you are also taking medicines when you are ill. This is a nice way to convince them to take their medicines on time when they are feeling sick. Showing your kids how to swallow medicines and telling them taking medicines is easy will certainly assure them with your facts. This way, your kids will learn to take medications when they are feeling ill and you won’t have to remind and convince them again and again.

5. Try to add your own flavor.

When trying to give medicines in the event of your kid’s illness, it is a good idea to add a flavor along with the medication at your home. You know what your kid likes to have, so adding a flavor of his choice will be a good alternative if you are looking to get your kid to have his medicine easily.

Since chocolate is much liked by the kids; chocolate syrup is highly recommended. It is considered that if your kid takes even a little bit of chocolate syrup before taking his medication, it will just coat his tongue and as a result, he will not feel like consuming medications.

6. Let your kid lick ice first.

Last but not the least; this is also a great tip to convince your baby to take medicines easily. Let your kid suck on a small piece of ice as it will freeze his taste buds and will also enable him to take medicines without even feeling its taste.


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