Bitcoin vs Dogecoin: The Battle of the Cryptocurrencies

Social media or news or Wall Street, if there is something that everyone is talking about, then it is Regulation of Cryptos. A wave that started in 2009 has traversed globally and, in fact, in every economy. While some consider it to be a positive influence, there is a certain section that is still apprehensive about its sustains in the long run. Lack of governance, no third-party involvement, and anonymity are some of the key questions and apprehensions that take cryptocurrency on the back foot.

Investors from across the globe ranging from big companies like Tesla and micro strategy to individual investors, everybody is eyeing trip to a trip to currency to be one of the most prospective and profitable investments as it.

Bitcoin vs Dogecoin

How Bitcoins Began: A Brief History

It all started with bitcoin, and very soon, other alternative cryptocurrencies flooded the market. The addition of Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others are examples of how fast and exponentially is cryptocurrency world expanding. Dogecoin is one fine example that comes into the picture.

It was a cryptocurrency that started as a joke because of its unique logo. Although there has been not much talk about it initially after the interest of Elon musk in Dogecoin, there has been a constant rise of investors showing interest in this cryptocurrency. The greatest battle or a debate that any investor face during their investment-making decision is to choose the right cryptocurrency.

Dogecoin vs Bitcoin- which is a better investment option? These are the cornerstones of debate amongst the investors. In this blog, we unfold the key features of both these cryptocurrencies and do a comparative analysis which is eventually going to help you decide. Read on to know more to have an overall better understanding of both these cryptocurrencies to make an informed decision.

A Side-by-side Comparison of Bitcoins And Dogecoins

Introduced in 2009It is a new entrant. It was launched in 2013
It operates on Bitcoin BlockchainIt functions on Ethereum Blockchain
It is a native tokenIt is an alternate cryptocurrency
It is mainly used as a digital asset for investment.It was introduced as a meme coin. And now it is used for acquiring goods and services.
18,932,962 Bitcoins in circulation132,670,764,300 dogecoin in circulation
The average transaction time here is around 9 minutes and 14 secondsThe average transaction time here is around 1 minute and 4 seconds
A transaction fee in Bitcoin is $1.25 to $5.00The transaction fee for Dogecoin is $0.10 to $1.75


The Unique Features of Bitcoin:

  1. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency
  2. Bitcoin led to the rise in the decentralization of finance
  3. Bitcoin introduced the concept of hassle-free exchange without third-party intervention

The Unique Features of Dogecoin:

  1. Dogecoin is a meme coin
  2. Dogecoin has loyal followers who trade it
  3. The followers of Dogecoin use it as tipping currency on social media content
  4. The token of Dogecoin is based on Litecoin.

The above discussion highlights the details of both the torch coin and bitcoin. If You Are looking forward to investing in it, then it’s time to run through the details of the same. Thorough research and understanding of the crypto market will make it easier for you to invest in the right cryptocurrency.

Choosing between bitcoin and Dogecoin can be difficult. This is especially because one is not able to figure out why they should be investing in a particular cryptocurrency.

From the above discussion, you can figure out that bitcoin has limited use as a digital as it or as an investment as it, but when it comes to dogecoin, then its transaction time is much lesser, and there are more dot points available in the market. Hence from the perspective of an investor, dogecoin appears to be a promising cryptocurrency.


Once you have decided to go ahead with the crypto investments, your next step should be to register yourself on a trading platform like the official bitqt. On this platform you will find helpful trading tips along with other details of crypto trading. The platform is easy to use and one can simply register to start trading. Here you will find a simple registration process and easy payment options to invest in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Remember, the crypto investment will be beneficial, only when you spend some time researching it, and then making a decision. Never decide in haste and invest smartly.

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