5 Best Messaging Apps For Android & iOS

Run a quick search for messaging apps on iTunes or Google Play Store and you’ll be inundated with hundreds of options so in this article I’ve listed the top 5 chat apps that I think the social/professional should have on their mobile phone.

#1 Discord

There is a common misconception out there that Discord is only for gamers…not true.

In fact, my team and I use this messaging app exclusively for our mentorship program to so we can easily share ideas and concepts all in one place and this is one of those messaging apps that gives us everything we need to do this.

With Discord we’re able to create different topic folders so we can ask questions and answer them in the relevant channels – this is one of those messaging apps that I wish I found sooner.

best messaging apps for android and iOS

#2 GroupMe

GroupMe is one of my favorite messaging apps because it offers real group texting features.

While standard texting is great for one-to-one messaging it’s terrible for group chat, while technically you can send out a mass group message no one can interact with each other and this is where this messaging app really works well.

Once you send out group message everyone can now see who’s also in the group, which is good for coordinating special events, holidays, etc.

#3 WhatsApp

This messaging app currently has more than a billion users meaning the chances of one of your friends or client contacts having this app on their phone is pretty high which is why this has a place on my phone.

With features like unlimited calling, app to app messages, group texting, etc. this makes Whatsapp a solid all-rounder for most people looking for that all-in-one style messaging apps.

#4 Instagram

Instagram is one of the best messaging apps for visual types and just like our #3 messaging app this is almost guaranteed to be used by your friends, family, co-workers, and clients so it’s great for the typical social updates but is also very good for advertising so if you have a product which looks visually amazing (food for example) then you can drive traffic fairly quickly and if you want to boost the reach of your post then they have an advertising option as well.

#5 Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s own messaging app is simple yet is powered off their social network platform which means you can stay in touch with virtually anyone.

I use this messaging app because don’t have the Facebook app installed on my phone so this allows me to stay in touch with everyone without having to log in to ‘big brother’ and to be honest since installing messenger I haven’t missed Facebook at all.

Final Thoughts

To be honest the less messaging apps (or apps in general) you need on your mobile phone the better and so by cleaning out all of my apps and boiling my favourites down to just a handful have made the world of difference.

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