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Are you struggling to quit video games? Do you feel they are consuming too much of your time, and all your attempts to regulate when you play have all gone down the drain? Do you wish you had other things you can easily and readily do instead of jumping onto your game controls whenever you feel the urge? Well, millions of people around the world are addicted to video games, and they do desire to quit, only that they find it very difficult to finally walk away. But the good news is that it is possible to stop playing video games and there is a myriad of alternatives that are more entertaining and more rewarding than playing video games. Here is a look at some of them.

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Read books

Reading is a wonderful alternative to playing video games. It is through books that you get to expand your knowledge and expose your mind to experiences you might have never thought of. Video games do very little as far as your cognitive improvement is concerned, but books will greatly help you get the most out of your brains. It doesn’t matter what you read since there are very many interesting things in a variety of genres you will surely find interesting. Therefore, the next time you feel like sitting down with your computer or game controls, think about getting a nice piece of literature, and read, instead.

Learn a new language

video games alternatives

Learning a new language is another interesting alternative to video gaming. This is because it requires a considerable amount of dedication and discipline, and once you start, you will always desire that you go the full journey. The other benefit of learning a new language is that once you become proficient in that language, new opportunities may come up such as traveling, getting a new job etc. and such will be more enticing than just playing video games all day long.

Work Out

You can work out as a distraction to playing video games. Every time you feel the urge to play, simply hit the gym and sweat it out for a couple of minutes. You shall have not just done something meaningful with your time, but also you shall have improved your overall health. The benefits will be long-term and more admirable than video games which might make you have a very dangerous sedentary lifestyle.

Learn to play a musical instrument

learn to play musical instruments

Just like learning a language, learning to play a new instrument requires a lot of discipline and dedication, and it will adequately distract you from video games. Playing any musical instruments to perfection requires artistic skills which must be developed over long hours of practice. It is sad that there are millions of gamers wasting away their potential talents in music by simply sitting down all day long in front of their computers.

Play word games

Word games such as scrabble using word unscrambler are very effective if you feel you should pass time by playing something. They are challenging and will compel you to put your brains into use to figure out the words for the patterns. There are so many word games and puzzles just as there are video games online, and you will always have a decent variety of options with just a simple search on the internet. Use word games to help you pass time, get entertained and increase your cognitive capabilities. 

Teach yourself how to fix something

video games alternatives

If you have a garage in the home, you can always get dirty trying out your DIY skills. Garages are always the home to many broken things at home, and you can make good use of your time by checking around and find something that needs fixing. You may discover just how good you are at fixing stuff and never think of playing video games again.


Other than reading, you can write as an alternative to playing video games. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have written before, Just Kwon that everyone can write, and if you put in the effort, nothing will stop you from being a very polished writer. You can write on anything that comes up your mind. The best approach would be to start blogging and share your thoughts and insights about the things you love on the internet. So many opportunities can arise from such a blog and in the long run, it will prove to be more beneficial than wasting your time on video games.

Make random friends

top alternatives of video games

Some great friendships start in very simple ways and turn out to be wonderful experiences if nurtured properly. You are always free to take a walk down the street and meet new people for potential friendship. They could the person at the corner grocery store whom you have been seeing daily but never had a chance to talk to, or they could be the new attendant at the gas stations who normally help you fill your car. Just walk at them, say hi and strike a conversation if they are willing. You will be amazed at just how you may end meeting very nice people along the way.

Volunteer your time

If you have time to play video games, then you also have time which you can volunteer for a worthy course. There are so many places you could think of helping out during your spare time you normally use for video games. Think about hospices, orphanages, hospitals, and senior centers. You help will always be appreciated in such places.

Learn how to cook

You can always sharpen your culinary skills instead of playing video games. Rather than spending most of your time in front of your TV screen or computer for games, the same time can be spent in the kitchen to try a new recipe. With the advent of the internet, you can learn to cook anything you may be interested in and use it to surprise your friends or loved ones. The beauty of learning how to cook is that once you know it, you can always try it each time and add a new twist to make your own variation. It is very rewarding and when all is said and done, you know you won’t be having an empty stomach.

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