How to Enjoy Thanksgiving When You are Alone

Thanksgiving is coming 28th of November in 2019. Perhaps we are working in a city away from our family, or we are a single child and our parents are not with us. Or maybe we have been divorced, and we got some family issues. This situation can be very annoying especially during special occasions such as Thanksgiving.

Even though we are alone, it should not be a reason for us to miss the fun. Here are the things we should do to stop feeling alone on Thanksgiving:

We need to remember that we are not the only ones spending time alone on this special day. There are so many people out there also having the same problem. Maybe some of our friends are also spending time alone due to some reasons. There are people inside our community, inside our city that feels alone at the very moment we are thinking that we are alone. Situations are not a reason for us not to enjoy ourselves.

thanksgiving day

Next thing, we should look at the brighter side. People during Thanksgiving are spending a lot of money for their families. Buying all those foods and turkey. They can be very busy and tired during this day. Others get exhausted with tons of family affairs and we are in the house relaxing on a busy day. That can be a very good thing to think about so that we can avoid feeling so alone.

Another thing is we can watch TV and mobile phones. We have to make sure that we watch the movies which we are sure to enjoy. The worst kind would be watching sad films when we are alone. We will just feel more down and depressed when we watch sad movies. Exciting and thrilling movies can keep us going and will not make us feel low.

We all know that tradition obliged us to get a turkey during Thanksgiving. If we are sending the time alone, then it would be better to have second thoughts buying it. We will only feel more alone when we buy a turkey and we only have ourselves to eat it. There is nothing lonelier than eating the whole turkey all by ourselves.

The last thing is to be thankful. This day is a day for being thankful for our blessings and the harvest we made during the past season. Families have focused on having fun and celebration things when the main idea for Thanksgiving is to be thankful. We can still be thankful even though we are alone. We got food to eat, a house, some lovely videos on youtube that can keep us from being lonely. We have all the things to be thankful about.

This is how we can stay cheered up and not feel lonely while spending alone during Thanksgiving.

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