Essential Guide on Temporary Skills Shortage Visa Application

Australian businesses could benefit from hiring foreign workers temporarily and taking them as part of their team for certain job descriptions. The country’s Department of Home Affairs allowed this set-up by launching the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa (Subclass 482) in 2017, and it took effect in March 2018.

Some businesses take advantage of this type of visa to utilise talents from across the globe to contribute to their company on a temporary basis. If you are thinking of getting someone from another country to work for your business for a short while, here are several facts about this type of visa that you need to understand fully.

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What Is A Temporary Skills Shortage Visa?

True to its name, the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa is given to a foreign national who is sponsored by an Australian company to enter the country for work.

There are three streams included in the TSS visa, including the Short-Term stream, the Medium-Term stream, and the exceptional Labour Agreement stream.

Those eligible for the Short-Term stream can stay in any Australian state and territory for work for a maximum of two years. Meanwhile, those who are granted the Medium-Term stream visa can last for up to four years.

Meanwhile, the Labour Agreement stream is given to any applicant who is sponsored by an Australian employer if the company has a labour deal with the Australian government. They must prove that no one in the Australian labour market is equipped with the skills needed for the job, and there are no available standard visa programs for the purpose.

What Are the Basic Eligibility Requirements Needed for the TSS Visa? 

There are several basic requirements necessary when applying for this type of working visa. It includes having an occupation that belongs to the Consolidated Skilled Occupations list, being nominated and sponsored by an Australia employer that intends to recruit the applicant for work and having the relevant qualifications and skills for the occupation.

The applicant must also have basic English language skills and comply with the DHA requirements for health and good character.

What Are the Requirements for the Employers When Applying for the TSS Visa?

All Australian employers who wish to sponsor a foreign national to work temporarily in the country must have a legally operating business. They must also have no negative remarks regarding the type of business they are engaged in and prove that the job position available for the foreign national is full-time.

The company in Australia must also comply with the employment and salary conditions related to the job requirements and should present evidence of Labour Market Testing when needed.

How Long Is the TSS Visa Processing Time? 

Generally, the processing time for the TSS Visa is similar to the subclass 457 visa. But the applicants must also keep in mind that the process may take longer or shorter while depending on different factors like the volume of visas to be attended to by the department.

Other factors that could affect the TSS visa processing time include:

  • The status of the applicant’s sponsor.
  • The occupation of the applicant.
  • The location of the sponsor’s business.

Filing for a TSS Visa can have plenty of perks for both the nominated foreign national employee and the sponsor company. To ensure that the application will be granted, they can seek assistance from reliable immigration lawyers who are knowledgeable about the process.

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