Top Qualities of a Premium-Quality RV Tow Bar

If you want to go on a budget-friendly family vacation, going on an RV trip is the best solution. It is literally like bringing home with you. You do not have to rent out a hotel room as everything you will need is in your RV.

However, as you reach your destination, you might want to travel around town and enjoy the view. Using an RV to navigate narrow roads and go on shorter trips does not sound like a good idea.

This is where the RV tow bars come in. These tow bars are specially designed to be attached to the back of your car on one end and the front of your RV on the other end. It allows you to carry your RV anywhere you want to spend your vacation.

Premium-Quality RV Tow Bar

Aside from that, it also allows you to detach your RV and use your car to navigate the area after you have settled in.

The quality and other salient features of your tow bar are as important as the tow bar itself. With a premium-quality tow bar, you are assured that both your RV and car are safe. Regardless of how heavy your RV is, you are assured that it will never hit your car or detach from it.

If you have an RV and you’re wondering if you are making the right choice with the quality of your tow bar, check out these tips.

Substantial RV towing capacity

Before you purchase an RV tow bar, know the full weight of your RV. Tow bars for RV have different weight capacities. Some tow bars can carry as heavy as 6,000 pounds. Demco’s ‘The Dominator’ tow bar series, on the other hand, has a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds.

A tow bar with a higher towing capacity can prevent accidents like detached trailers. If the RV gets disengaged, you can only imagine the disastrous situation that will follow. Prevent this from happening as you travel.

If your hitch fails, the towed trailer can easily get disengaged, possibly hitting other vehicles. If your vehicle swings into another lane, the result will also be disastrous as you might hit other drivers and vehicles.

In a Safety Report, out of the 238,926 trailer accidents reported, around 230,000 involved vehicles that were not towed properly. Three hundred eighty-two of which were towed using ropes and other alternative towing material. One point is clear here — accidents happen if your trailer is not towed properly.

Secure locking mechanism

Another reason why a trailer gets detached is the fact that the tow bar’s locking mechanism might not be substantially secured. In your search for a new tow bar for your RV, make sure that you have fully scrutinized the said tow bar’s locking mechanism. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting your trailer detached from your truck as you travel.

As an added precaution, study the kind of hitch that is attached to your RV. Make sure to cross the lock’s safety chains properly to prevent your trailer from detaching. Also, check other parts like the electrical plugs, spring bar hinges, and hitch coupler. For your peace of mind, only buy from trusted names in the RV tow bar industry.

The takeaway

These are just a few of the things that you need to consider when shopping for your RV hitch. Aside from these, check if the said tow bar is compliant with the safety standards in your country and if it has a substantial warranty duration. If your tow bar of choice meets all these requirements, you are making a good and safe choice. Protect your and your family’s safety by investing in a premium-quality tow bar.

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