Whiteboard Videos that Provide Conversion

If you’re on the internet, you may want to incorporate videos into your website to increase your chance of a conversion. Visitors will tend to watch your videos and know about your brand in just a few seconds, and you can also convey the message that you want to tell them.

Regardless of wanting to get more organic traffic, letting your prospects know the basic information about you, or increasing your subscriptions, you need a tool that will showcase why you’re better than your competitors.

Many people can watch interesting videos, but they have problems reading big chunks of words. This is where you can use whiteboard video conversion to help you out. These have the potential to explain your products or let you tell engaging stories on many social media platforms.

Whiteboard videos are versatile, and they can be applied to B2B campaigns, software, IT solutions, and complex products and services. With this said, there may be a lot of whiteboard videos on the web, but not all can catch the attention of many visitors for a long time. Fortunately, you can deliver an appealing and engaging story that will keep your viewers hooked for hours.

Whiteboard Videos that Provide Conversion

Tips and Tricks in Making a Killer Whiteboard Video

1. Be a Storyteller

Many people are drawn to the power of storytelling, and this is supported by the oldest cave paintings in many parts of the world. Know more about why you should prioritize storytelling on this page here. The marketing video should be able to take advantage of this desire.

You can explain the problems that your products or services can solve, how your consumers use them to be effective, and how to look for the right solutions in the market. These are all done and narrated like a story.

Focus on your prospects’ pain points, then add your products or services to show them how they can sort this out. What you need is to highlight the benefits that the consumers are going to get when they choose your company. You can make yourself different from your competitors in just a minute and a half!

You don’t have to panic about this. Think of a storyline that explicitly targets the pain point of your audience. Your product will serve as a hero who can help them, and this is a process that’s not too difficult to do.

Whiteboard Videos that Provide Conversion

2. Create Relatable Characters

Once you have completed the storyline, you need to animate the characters who will drive everything the right way. The clips should resonate with the feelings of your intended customers, and the first seconds should be able to grab their attention.

You can achieve this by customizing your characters on the whiteboard with the same gender, age, and overall style of your target demographic. These styles should be based explicitly on accurate data that you’ve gathered from your previous marketing efforts. Try to make the characters funny and likable. They should experience the daily problems that many people face, and the prospects should relate to them on a deeper level.

3. Make the Story Fun!

Generally, any explainer video will be educational, but it’s essential to mix an element of fun into the process. The educational focus should never be tied with the boring style that you may have learned from others. However, try to avoid this. Learn more about funny stories here: https://www.wikihow.com/Write-Funny-Stories.

A simple hint of humor can enhance your brand and your message. You can entertain your audience for hours as well. The characters should be funny, or you can add some secondary leads that are likable. You don’t need to see your audience laughing hard per se, although this is something that you may want to aim for. At least try to put a smile on their faces to lighten up their days.

4. Keep the Basic Elements

The fundamental elements include the white background that enables you to make your story shine. The cleanliness of the clips is what makes it more fun and interesting to watch.

You may want a hand that seems to draw the whole story. In the old days, some artists will draw every figure in front of a camera. Nowadays, you don’t need the actual artists since digital images of a hand can now copy the first analog experience that people are watching before. The black marker should also be present and add some colors for a livelier presentation.

5. Give your Vids a Brand

So, you now have a black and white style, funny characters, and a good story. Representing your brand can be a challenge. But it turns out to be that this is as easy as pie. You can add hints of colors of your brands.

Highlight some of the essential parts of the narrative and leave the others without colors. This way, the viewers will retain more information on the parts that you would want them to remember.

The logo should appear before the start of the second part of the script. This is the “how” part, where you present the solutions and subtly introduce your products and services to the customers. Check for highlights, and bear in mind that it should be the same exact brand colors that people can find on your logos.

6. Only go with High-Quality Videos

While this style is one of the many popular ones on the internet, it can be the most difficult to try. Nowadays, the internet is full of videos that people watch, and this is a saturated niche. Consumers can recognize what are the lame ones and the interesting ones when they are watching.

If they feel that you didn’t have a lot of effort to make the vids and the overall vibe is cheap, expect them to back out and watch another without hesitation. This means you may receive a higher bounce rate that can put your rankings lower on the search engine. The result is that you may have ended up wasting money.

The lesson? Never skimp on quality, and make sure to nail the animated designs. It needs to resemble those drawings made from stylish pens or magic markers, which may be challenging in digital art.

7. Interconnectedness of the Drawings are Important

You need to plan as a whole from the storyline, animation, characters, colors, sounds, scenes, and voiceovers. Over time, you may notice that you’re becoming a producer for this industry and ensuring that the first scene will be connected to the second one.

It’s essential to keep in mind that the whiteboard drawings tell stories, and the transitions should be seamless. You should make the viewers hungry for more, and you should be able to catch their attention in the first few lines and scripts.

Sometimes, you may need to erase the entire whiteboard so you can start from scratch. However, you should try to do a few erases whenever possible and keep the story from breaking down into pieces. Leverage the interconnectedness factors so your viewers will feel the visual appeal of the story, and they will keep watching until the end. The longer they are watching, the more chances you’ll have of letting your brand sink into their subconscious.

8. Voice Actors are Important

Know that the characters don’t speak in a whiteboard video. The voiceovers are separate and recorded according to the scenes.

You need to choose the right one that truly represents your viewers. You need a match with the tone, gender, and age. Voice actors and native speakers of the country you’re targeting are the right choices to tell your story.

Of course, you can always take advantage of the voice generators that can automatically change how you say things, but some sounded too robotic or lame. Voice actors are actual people that can inject humor into the story. This way, you’ll keep building that priceless bond that your audience is seeking.

9. Call to Action is Important

At the end of the video, you need to tell your audience what to do, which can translate into conversions. You may request them to share, like, subscribe, sign up, or visit your website for more information about the products or services that can solve their problems.

Provide the right images that are supporting your message to them. Upload the video on YouTube to maximize engagement and achieve your marketing goals in no time. Remember that your prospects will watch out for all your other uploads the next time, so you may always want to make high-quality ones every single time.

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