myaum Login details about Auburn University in Montgomery

Auburn University in Montgomery offers a webmail service. Call the AUM Help Desk and inform them that you have forgotten your password, which is preventing you from using the My AUM Portal fully. They will reset your password for you so that you can log in to the My AUM Portal. The myaum portal keeps track of your grades, schedule, and financial aid status as well as current campus news and events.

Auburn University in Montgomery also offers a myaum portal for off-campus users as well as faculty and staff. In order to access the online services from off campus, you first need to login via the official website. If you already have an account that has been approved to log in from off campus, then your username will be your Auburn ID number followed by your last name with no spacing.

myaum login portal

myaum Login details about Auburn University in Montgomery

Step 1: Search on Google or any other search engine for “myaum login” or “my aum login”

Step 2: Click the Link

Step 4: Enter your User Name and Password and Click the Login Button.

Enjoy surfing. You will also find the links for | Forgot Password | First Time Users | Portal Login Instructions

Why use the myaum portal?

The myaum portal is a free service that allows students, faculty, and staff to manage their: personal information, registration updates, financial aid updates, and e-mail addresses and provides tips on how to remain productive while away from campus. When you log in to the myaum portal for the first time, you will be prompted to create an identity profile. This allows you to save your Auburn ID number, Last Name, and Gender. This information will be used to find you on campus and off campus.

How to maintain myaum account?

Please login into the myaum portal at least once a month, or as needed. This will maintain your account in good standing with the university. Your account will be deactivated after three months of inactivity. If your account becomes inactive, you will need to request reactivation. You will be prompted to create an identity profile if you are new to the myaum portal for the first time. You can view and edit your profile after you have created it. From your myaum account, you can:

  • Cancel any pending reminders or appointments that you have made on campus from your off-campus computer.
  • Manage your schedule by logging in to the Schedule Tools. You must login with a valid Auburn ID number, along with a valid Last Name and Gender before you can start scheduling classes or exams. You cannot make additional changes until after this information is confirmed by the registrar’s office

What’s in the myaum portal?

The myaum portal has most of your Auburn related information in one place. The tools on the myaum portal can help you manage your schedule, and aid you with registration, email, announcements, and news from your department, along with keeping up with what is going on around campus. The myaum portal allows you to customize your schedule, make an appointment for registration for spring classes, or drop/add classes before the end of the fall semester. You can check your enrollment status, and financial aid status and apply for a job or internship through the employment unit on the myaum portal. You can also access safety tips from various departments around campus along with upcoming events to plan your social calendar.

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