The 7 Best Spots for Fishing in the World

When it comes to vacations, plenty of people are looking to head off onto something a bit more than regular sightseeing and museum visiting. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there are those out there that crave a little adventure with their travels.

As it turns out, adventure traveling is one of the fastest-growing travel niches in the entire world. Men and women alike are signing up with travel companies or striking it out on their own in search of a new adventure.

Fishing, while it may evoke images of peace, tranquility, silence, and relaxation falls into this section. Fishing is much more than sitting on a log, waiting for a fish to take the bite. Deep-sea fishing is as popular as ever, and there are plenty of fantastic places to head to around the world.

In this article, we’re going to run through some of the best and most popular places to release your inner angler.

best fishing spots in the world

Key West, Florida

Located off the southern coast of Florida, Key West is an absolute treasure for anyone visiting. Florida is known to have some of the best fishing in the United States, and Key West is one of those reasons.

The area has plenty of options for those wanting to fish close to shore or head out on a deep-sea adventure. It’s also home to some incredible weather, meaning any time of year is perfect for you and your travel plans.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Located in northeast Canada, Prince Edward Island is home to some prime fishing spots. The area is most known for its tuna, as it holds the world record for largest bluefin tuna ever caught.

There are plenty of day trips around the island as well, meaning you can move about if you’re one that gets a bit stir-crazy. Summer is usually the best time to go as winters can be downright brutal, especially if you’re not used to frigid weather.


The tiny Central American country is home to not only some incredible natural spots but also great fishing. Here, you’ll find plenty of bonefish, permit, and tarpon.

Belize is a relatively inexpensive place as well, meaning you’re likely to get the most bang out of your buck. If you’re looking for an all-exclusive fishing holiday, the country has plenty of resorts and hotels that cater to the fishing adventure.


Close to Belize, Panama is another spot for all fishing enthusiasts. Plenty of fishers head to the coasts or out to the seas in search of the schools of tuna that roam the coastline. You’re also bound to find plenty of mahi, snappers, and bluefin.

Panama is an incredibly tourist-friendly country as well, meaning you’ll find plenty of fishing resorts and guided options for your next vacation.

The Azores, Portugal

One of Europe’s precious, hidden gems, the Azores sits right off the coast of Portugal. This set of islands is a prize spot for any looking to catch some game fish. Multiple world records have been set in the area, meaning you’re likely to get a big bite.

Besides game fish, you’ll find sharks and even see a whale if you’re lucky. You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of downtown in a friendly but not overly tourist area.

Alaska, USA

While we covered Florida at the beginning, we’re heading about as far away you can go from Florida while staying in the United States.

Alaska is a must for any North American fishing enthusiast. Filling with incredible wildlife, beautiful scenery, and plenty of fish you’ll want to make Alaska your next destination. Similar to other places, you will be able to find plenty of guided fishing expeditions that will help you find the best spots possible.

Lizard Island, Australia

Head to the Land Down Under for some of the best Black Marlin fishing on the planet. The island is perfect for anyone that is heading out in the fall. It’s become a hot spot for locals and tourists alike in the past years.

In addition to pristine fishing, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful and spectacular Australian wildlife. You can also tour along the Great Barrier Reef and witness all other sorts of sea creatures and animals.

Get Ready To Fish

 You’ve just learned the seven best fishing spots in the world. It’s time to get ready with your fishing license and gear. Every state or country has a dedicated fishing license. Only government websites are authorized to sell fishing licenses over the internet. Various fishing licenses are available depending on the area where you’ll go fishing, including freshwater license, combination license, and saltwater license.

Choose a good fishing rod and reel, which is typically made of graphite or fiberglass. This will allow you to cast the fishing line further and deeper into the freshwater. The length of the fishing line you’ll need depends on the weight of the fish species, such as a 30-pound test for fishing tuna and a four-pound test for trout. Consider getting a fishing line of 30-pound test and above if you want to catch large game fish.

Depending on the size of the fish’s mouth, choose fish hooks that are large enough to penetrate the fish baits. You’ll also need fishing weights, a cork or plastic bobber, and fishing lures or live baits.

Lastly, don’t forget your fishing boat. If you’re searching for high-quality and affordable fishing boats for sale, you can check out or any similar boat auction sites for more information.



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