Suggestions for selecting safe children’s clothing

At present, the market is full of children’s clothing brands and their fabrics, styles, to their children to choose safe and healthy and beautiful and appropriate clothing, there is also some attention. It is understood that with the brand-name clothing printing and dyeing residue exceeded the standard problem was exposed, the quality and safety of children’s clothing were once again pushed to the forefront. Children’s clothing fabric formaldehyde exceeds the standard and a series of other problems make parents worried. I suggest that parents when choosing children’s clothing try natural fabrics, light colors. (Wholesale Kid Clothes) In addition, do not forget to carefully read the certificate of conformity on the clothing label.

safe children's clothing

100% cotton most assured

In terms of materials, the choice of baby clothes should be based on comfort, softness, moisture absorption should be good, and no skin irritation. Materials to natural materials are good, such as white cotton, soft texture, it is best to also use the knitting weave. Man-made fibers and other materials, to go through chemical processing, the process will have chemical product residues. The way to determine whether it is all cotton – burning. Draw a strand of yarn at the sewn edge of the children’s clothing, ignite it with fire and observe the state of the burning flame. Cotton burns faster, high flame, can automatically spread, leaving a small amount of soft white or gray ash, not coking; polyester or other man-made fibers, burn out will have a hard thing.

Clothing color choose white or light color

Baby’s childhood is colorful, and thus many mothers like to buy brightly colored children’s clothing for their babies. However, the brightly colored clothes have a lot of dyeing materials added. Some of the children’s clothing in question is mainly the problem of dyes, fabric in the processing and finishing process if not treated clean, will cause formaldehyde exceeded, clothes containing formaldehyde will cause allergic reactions to the skin. Therefore, I recommend that when buying clothes for children or try to buy white or close to the skin tone of the light color, especially the clothes worn close to the body.

Read the labels on the clothes carefully

When buying clothes for your child, have you read the labels on the clothing carefully? Generally speaking, brand-name children’s clothing on the logo is marked with a safety technology level, some are also marked with the words “formaldehyde content tested to meet national standards”, the specification in detail. And some children’s clothing stores, children’s clothing, identification is very simple, only marked with the brand name, inspection, item number, composition, price, and other words. In addition, the label of children’s clothing is best marked with or without flame retardant treatment, because for small children, the clothes are not easy to burn up will be safer.

As parents, we would love to send the best things for our children, even if it is clothing. For children, there is nothing better than health and safety. I hope the children’s clothing selection advice I put together can be helpful to you, congratulations.

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