Drugs are harmful chemicals that influence one’s body and mind. Each drug has different impact and few of them have a long-lasting effect i.e. it affects the individual even after he/she quits consuming it. There is a couple of ways by which a person consumes the drug including infusion, inward breathing, and ingestion. The impact of the drug on the body majorly depends upon the way it has been taken by the individual. For instance, the infusion of the drug directly goes to the circulatory system has a quick effect rather than ingestion as it affects comparatively slower.

Intake of any drug drastically affects the brain and body as it releases a large amount of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that manages our feelings, inspiration, and sentiments of joy, sadness etc.

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teenage substance abuse


There are numerous side effects of drug consumption in a teenager yet the absolute most normal signs of a drug are:

Teenagers usually face issues with schools such as extreme lateness for school, horrible scores in the examination, suspension and many others. Intake of a large amount of drug can lead to high mood swings, loss of enthusiasm for most loved activity or teenager may show violent conduct.


Teen substance abuse at any age can cause genuine wellbeing impacts however adolescents who misuse drugs at a very large amount and at an earlier age are at specific hazards for negative outcomes. They will have to probably battle with the addition of the drugs and sometimes they may face serious neuron disorders. Some other regular negatives impacts of high dose drug on teens are:

Emotional issues:

The emotional imbalance is one of the most common effects among all that teenagers face due to consumption of the drug. They often feel tension and gloom all the time. Their brain often comes up with thoughts of suicides and harming themselves. Some teenagers made themselves a victim of schizophrenia. According to the statistics, around 34.6% teens that consume drug found facing depression largely.

Behavioral issues:

Youngsters who take drugs in the higher quantity generally have an expanded danger of social issues, misery, and other self-destructive considerations. According to the overview of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, teens who mishandle drugs are likely indulged in bad practices such as fighting, stealing and misbehaving with others.

Unsafe Physical relation involvement:

According to the research, teenagers that utilize drugs are multiple times more prone to engage in physical relations with either unknown person or without protection. This prompts higher danger of communicable diseases such as STDs, early age pregnancy or even rape cases.

Effect on unborn babies

Utilization of drug by pregnant women can cause serious effects on their fetus. Drugs may contain some harmful impure materials that can prove destructive to the unborn infant. Pregnant ladies who consume drug might probably hurt their babies with hazardous practices and poor nourishment. Consumption of illicit drugs can lead to the untimely birth of the child or premature child with incomplete development. It can likewise make the child having withdrawal indications, birth deformities or conduct issues with the birth.

As per the estimation, around 14% of grown-ups with an illicit substance had taken disorder treatment in the previous year and this number is likely to increase in future situations.

Teenager drug treatment

In case you find any teenagers or even a person consuming the drug, don’t hold up to intercede rather take a quick action for it? The sooner you will help him abandoning the consumption of the drug, less likely he/she will get addicted to it. Luckily, there is a wide range of treatments that are available to look over them. There are various rehabilitation centers that help teenagers to get rid of the drug issues. The best teenager drug recovery, in any case, might be a private treatment program where your child will get supervision and care, the detoxification treatment, and an assortment of medicines that will help him to get distant with the utilization of drug that proves to be a destructive material for their health in long-term. But, it is also important to learn more on what medications you are taking. An example of this is for people suffering from opioid use disorder (OUD), it is best to know whats in suboxone to give you an idea what they are and what its side effects are that help your body recover from your cravings.


So, these were some common effects that a teenager face or will have to face in the long run if he/she continues to intake the harmful drug substance. If you are suffering from substance abuse in Chandler consider seeking help ASAP. Chandler has seen a sharp rise in drug related crimes and overdoses.

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