Teeth whitening methods and the associated teeth whitening cost.

A lot of you may have wanted to have your teeth whitened but may have backed out due to the costs involved. It is a fact that the cost of whitening teeth cosmetically is high, and not everyone can afford it. Moreover, even if they can, which procedure to go for and what exactly to get done is another big query. Here, we will talk about the different teeth whitening methods and the associated teeth whitening cost.

Methods of Teeth Whitening

The methods of teeth whitening are actually the different procedures under cosmetic dentistry. It works to get rid of stains on teeth, and can even be used simply to brighten your smile. The effectiveness of these methods depends on how badly your teeth are discolored. While they will be visibly brighter, it is not necessary that they will be extremely bright or white. The different techniques employed for this process have been mentioned here.

Teeth Whitening Cost

In-Office Laser Teeth Whitening

The laser tooth whitening system requires you to visit your dentist for a session of the process. Here, the dentist will apply a powerful tooth bleaching gel, and seal it in with laser light. This treatment is performed after isolating the teeth from the gums and the mouth. According to the teeth whitening reviews regarding this particular treatment, it has been found that this treatment causes a lot of pain after the process is over. A lot of people have also experienced a severe burning sensation in the process of the laser application. Yet, they recommend it for those who want to get rid of rigid stains. In some cases, more than one session is required for it to be completely effective. The teeth bleaching cost by this method can range anywhere between the US $400 – US $900 per session depending on the cosmetic dentist you choose.

Prescribed Teeth Whitening Kits

Among the professional teeth whitening methods cosmetic dentists in some cases prescribe teeth whitening kits that can be used as per the instructions provided. These teeth whitening products have different levels of peroxide, and the lower the amount of peroxide in the gel, the longer it can be applied. While some dentists recommend its application for an hour, others prescribe it for overnight use. The gel is applied by means of custom made teeth whitening trays that are to be placed on the teeth for the prescribed time. The teeth whitening cost using such kits may range anywhere between US $100 – US $400.

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening

Those of you looking for cheap teeth whitening methods may opt for these kits that are available over the counter. This method allows you to get the benefits of teeth whitening at home, without having to undergo time consuming procedures. The gel available with these kits contains nominal amounts of peroxide that can be applied by everyone by means of a bleaching tray or a paint applicator. This, however, may not be effective for those of you who have highly discolored teeth or tough stains. This is suitable for those of you who would simply like a brighter smile. Another glitch with using these kits is that they may not whiten all your teeth because the tray provided is not custom made. The costs involved in this method may range between US $20 – US $100. If you are looking at a cheaper remedy you may try out hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening. It is a home remedy that is bound to give you positive results.

It has been found that there are many dangers in whitening teeth which is another factor that deters people from opting for this treatment method apart from the teeth whitening cost. If you do desire to get beautiful, naturally white teeth, you may try some of these teeth whitening home remedies. Also, take a look at these teeth whitening tips for additional information on the subject. The best way to get white teeth is to first take care of them by following the basics of dental care and hygiene. Further, trying out natural methods is always a better choice than expensive cosmetic procedures that may or may not work, and even cause some pain after effects.

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