Everything You Need To Know About Street Food in Thailand

If you have ever visited Thailand, then you will know that food plays an important role in the culture of the country. While walking or driving through the streets of any Thai town or city you will see a number of street food vendors selling a variety of different dishes. In addition, if you will be visiting Thailand in the near future, then you could take the opportunity to try a variety of types of street food, including Pad Thai, papaya salad, and a number of other types of dishes. Furthermore, if you were looking for a great place to stay during your time in Bangkok, then you could think about booking a hotel, along Sukhumvit Road where you will find a variety of street food vendors and other types of attractions and nightlife venues.

Street Food in Thailand (2)

1. Try the Pad Thai

One of the most famous Thai food dishes around the world is Thai style fried noodles, which is also known as Pad Thai. Indeed, if you are staying in a Sukhumvit Soi 11 Hotel then you will find yourself close to several street food vendors and markets. This particular dish is available on nearly every street corner across Bangkok, while it is one of the most internationally famous and popular street food dishes from Thailand.

2. Be careful it will be spicy

Another important thing that you should know about when trying street food in Thailand is that the dishes are usually spicy by default. As a consequence, if you are not able to eat spicy food, then you could ask the street food vendors for an option that is ‘mai pet’ which means not spicy in the local Thai language.

3. Eat green papaya salad

One more internationally famous type of Thai food is the green papaya salad which is a perfect combination of textures, flavours and ingredients. This type of salad is popular across Thailand while you should also be aware that this dish can also be spicy by default. It should also be eaten with sticky rice and barbecue chicken to create a fantastic flavour combination which can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night.

4. Taste various types of curries

Finally, a wide range of curries are available in Thailand from the internationally known green curry to the little-known yellow fish curry. You can find a wide range of other street food dishes, including grilled seafood and meat while if you want to push the boat out a little bit then you could try the fried insects that are popular across the country.

  • Try Pad Thai
  • Watch out, it could be spicy!
  • Eat the green papaya salad with sticky rice and barbeque chicken
  • Taste several different types of curry

To conclude, if you will be visiting Thailand in the near future, then you can take the opportunity to try a wide variety of street food dishes including Pad Thai and green papaya salad while you should also be aware that these dishes may be spicy, so be careful if you are not tolerant of hot and spicy food.

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