Jon Cryer Age, Height, Wife, Net worth, Movies, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Who does not remember the cute smile of Jonathan Niven Cryer? He is a popular American actor, comedian, and television director. Jon Cryer belongs to a show business family and he is even known for making motion pictures. It is a rare fact known by people that he has made teenage photographer in the year 1984 romantic comedy No Small Affair but he came in 1986 with his role. John Cryer is such a small time has made a place for himself and his hard work helped him to flaunt his talent. Many at such a tender age could not handle their popularity but despite his tender age Jonathan Cryer used his opportunities in the right direction.

Jon cryer

Jon Cryer Age, Height, Wife, Jon Cryer net worth, movies, wiki and lesser known facts

Real NameJonathan Niven Cryer
Date of Birth
April 16, 1965 (New York City, New York, U.S. )
Age 55 Years Approx
  • Actor
  • Television Director
  • Comedian
Marital Status
Sarah Trigger ( 1999- 2004 )
Lisa Joyner (2007- present )
Height175 cm
BookSo That Happened: A Memoi
Social MediaTwitter – @ MrJonCryer

Instagram – @ jon_cryer_offcial ( not verified )

Basic information

This popular American actor was born on April 16th in 1965 and his childhood was complete like a fairy tale. He was born in the city of dreams and artists in New York City, New York. He is the son of the famous playwright, songwriter, actress, and singer ‘Gretchen Kiger’. His father is an actor and singer who was a minister. So basically Jon was from a popular and renowned family. His paternal grandfather was the Rev. Donald W. Cryer and he was a popular Methodist Minister.

When he was just twelve years old he discovered that he is fond of something that he already is aware of. Jon adopted this legacy from his family but decided to follow his own dreams. No doubt, he did well to when he entered into this file. He used every opportunity quite well and received something huge into his life.  But he tells in an interview that, when he had shared this with his mother that he is aspiring to become an actor. They all laughed at home and thought he is just a kid and kept this as a backup plan.

So his mother joked with him by saying ‘plumbing is a pretty good career’. Then afterward he was sent to attend the Performing Arts Training center for many summers as a teenager and those training centers squeezed out an artist inside him. He was also a classmate of a screenwriter and film director Boaz Yakin. There he discovered a completely new thing as an artist and as a person. When he was attending his classes at college and Jon suddenly decides to skip the college (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London) his mother got shocked and disappointed. It was a summer short course in Shakespeare for his growth but he did not complete it.

Jon Cryer career

His beginning was bigger and Jon always worked hard to maintain that aura he has started with and his family has left on people. This is what made him different from than queue and created his different image among other actors. This legacy everyone cannot carry and those who value it are the ones who carry it. Then his role in San Francisco and Los Angeles was a good one and then he went for many other movies and roles. The role of Eugene Jerome in the original Broadway production of Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs in the year 1984 created his image in others’ life. Charles Cumming was a challenging role that he played in the comedy movie No Small Affair. This role was appreciated by critics too and this is how he took one step ahead and it also helped him to choose the kinds of the role he played.  Then there was this movie Pretty in Pink and his role as Duckie also got popularity. He did many movies into his long span of life and all of them are part of him and made him what he is today.

About the characters

Many actors just talk about their films but Jon always was open about talking about his characters than his movies. Every actor chooses movies according to their priorities but before Jon chose his movies he chose characters. That is why this also gave him much appreciation and he never shies away from playing even small roles. Whether it was big roles or small he always played them with his whole heart.

About his personal life

His personal and professional lives are two stories but these two stories definitely are the largest part of his life. Cryer is married to the British Actress Sarah Trigger in the year 1999 and they have even a son, Charlie Austin. But then in the year 2004, the couple got divorced but then when in the year 2007 the episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he announced that he is going to report Lisa Joyner, the couple married in Mexico the same year. Then they adopted a baby girl and that is how they spent.

What kept him motivated?

There are number of things that motivated him and made him what he is today.  The first thing he always showed his gratitude was that he got such ambiance at home where he could witness everything on his own. His own surrounding motivated him and his own experiences broaden his vision. For this, he always feels grateful and his decisions have also helped him to mold his own thought.  Motivation is a precious thing which nobody can look and search for outside but everyone can get it from inside.

What message he has for upcoming actors

Well, people are always in rush and that is what youth needs to understand.   And this is what I want to say to all the budding stars and actors have patience and learn before you want to have something. This will help you to become what you are looking for and what you want to be.  So be brave and have the patience for your own good.

Winding Up

Anyone who is looking for more information can surely look for the answers. You can even follow him on social media, Jon is active there. We are also here to bring all the information about him but if you want you can follow him.

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