3 Exterior Design Ideas to Give Your Business More Curb Appeal

No matter how excellent your products or services might be, your business premises is the first thing consumers, partners, investors, etc. will see, and they will devise a first impression of your company based on what they see.

While many organizations mainly focus on the appearance of their interior, it’s crucial to pay equal attention to the exterior. As it’s all well and good having a nice interior, but if the exterior is intimidating, it will not do your décor any favors.

Fortunately, there are many ways to spruce up the exterior of your business, regardless of the building, it is in. From hiring a commercial landscape contractor in Orlando to maintain your greenery to regularly cleaning your windows, we list several exterior design ideas below to give your business more curb appeal.

Exterior Design Ideas to Give Your Business More Curb Appeal

Maintain The Surrounding Landscape

Ultimately one of your primary goals is to ensure that the building is adequately maintained; however, you should also pay attention to the landscape surrounding it. Exterior aesthetics influence the overall look of a building and should therefore be one of your top concerns when trying to enhance the building’s overall curb appeal.

Plant flowers, trim hedges, prune palm trees, sweep paths, clear debris – and anything else you can do to ensure that the outside of the building looks neat for potential visitors. You could take care of this yourself in-house, or you could consider outsourcing the help of a commercial landscape contractor in Orlando like Servello & Son. With services ranging from landscape maintenance, landscape design, tree care services, lawn pest control, and lawn fertilization, a commercial landscape contractor in Orlando can assist your business with various tasks that will enhance its curb appeal. Consider visiting their website to read customer testimonials, check their service areas, and discover how their services could help your business today.

Schedule Regular Window Cleaning

Dirt and grime can make even the most modern buildings look worn down. Therefore, you must clean your surroundings, whether outside or in. From sweeping floors, polishing furnishings, disinfecting toilets, and dusting tabletops, ensuring that the place is spotless is an excellent way of attracting new business and increasing your company’s credibility.

Don’t forget to clean the windows, as these are often overlooked. Like maintaining the landscape, you could choose to do this in-house or hire a window cleaning company – which is especially useful if you are based in a building with multiple floors.

Repair Any Damages

Accidents always happen, whether an employee drops something heavy and smashes a tile or if a tree breaks a window during windy weather. These are inevitable, yet when they do happen, it’s essential that you right any wrongs as quickly as possible to avoid customers noticing and any bad reflection on the business.

Survey the building and look out for any defects, no matter how minor or significant, and strive to get them resolved promptly. While this might seem time-consuming, it takes much dedication to ensure that your building is in good condition and will positively affect your business in the long run.

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