Dressing To Impress: 4 Pieces For A Stylish And Festive St Patrick’s Day Outfit

St Patrick’s Day is a popular day of celebration across the globe. It originated as a religious festival, primarily in Ireland, where St Patrick is one of the most well-known patron saints. In modern years, the festival has seen global reach, particularly in places like America, where many Americans can claim Irish ancestry. The popularity of St Patrick’s Day is undeniable, with parades, events, and festivals planned in major cities worldwide.

You might be wondering what the right St Patrick’s Day outfit would look like. The outfit you decide on will largely depend on where you’re going and what you’re doing to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Often, such celebrations include a fair few pints at a local pub or bar, so it is best to consider what you would normally wear and then add some elements to give your outfit the perfect St Patrick’s Day flair.

Dressing To Impress

Fresh Shamrock          

If you want to be more authentic in your celebrations of the day, it is best to choose fresh, real shamrock as part of your outfit. Shamrock is traditionally worn on lapels for church and other celebratory events. In the run-up to St Patrick’s Day, you can often find shamrocks for sale in supermarkets and florists or online from specialist retailers. Just make sure not to confuse it with four-leaf clover – a similar plant with different associations.

Authentic Irish Aran Knitwear

What better way to celebrate the most well-known Irish feast day than with authentic Irish Aran knitwear? Shop from an Irish-owned business to ensure the best in authenticity and quality. Have a look at the Sweater Shop’s Aran knitwear sale, filled with gorgeous knitwear that is perfect for wearing on St Patrick’s Day. A beautiful classic green sweater could be just the thing to finish off your St Patrick’s Day outfit.

Comfortable Boots

Appropriate footwear is crucial for any big event, and the option you choose will depend on what you’re planning to do on St Patrick’s Day. A comfortable pair of boots can make the perfect addition to any outfit while giving you the support you need for a day on your feet. Boots are a definite necessity for anyone attending a parade or events at different locations throughout the day.

Warm And Cosy Coat

St Patrick’s Day is held on 17th March, with events happening throughout the weeks leading up to and after it. If you’re lucky, the weather might be mild, but it is unlikely to be nearing coat-free temperatures yet. So, if you’re planning on attending an outdoor event like a parade, a coat is likely to be a necessity. Choose something that is warm, comfortable, and stylish – and waterproof if the weather forecast looks like rain is in store.

Final Thoughts

There’s no set dress code for most St Patrick’s Day events, but you can assume that green will be the predominant colour and shamrocks will be on display in various forms. How noticeable or subtle you want your St Patrick’s Day outfit to look is totally up to you – you’ll likely see people who’ve made widely varying levels of effort and originality.

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