7 Top Solarmovie Alternatives to watch movies and TV series

Solarmovie is a site that has a huge library of movies to offer. It has already earned a good reputation among its users but if just in case. You are looking for the best alternative of the solarmovie then there is a number of options in your hand. Just turn around you will find many,

Movies Joy

Name has the power to be parallel to the consequences. Movies joy is one of your searches. This is one of the similar sites of the Solarmovies with the best deal ‘NO ADS’ (can you believe it?). Watch your favorite movies or TV series with a free mind because it does not ask for any registration.  All the movies here are absolutely free and can rate it as the best alternative.

Highlights: Well, this app has the best deal and that is it has been arranged in the genre and country form. This stops any chaos to take place during using it and lead your choices to the right path.


Yes movies

Many times ‘Yes movies’ would have been caught your attention. Well, this would be unfair to say Yes movie comes second in the list. Actually it crosses the path of the best alternative of solarmovie without any regrets and troubles while watching movies or TV series. This is because the very first thing which people demand or look for is the quality thing. Here, yes movies have made its character very much strong so that it can deliver high-quality content to its family. Like Movies Joy, it also does not demand any registration which also means it is absolutely free.

Highlight: It has a humungous collection of all types of movies with no country restriction. Can you imagine anything more than this that you get free content that too with variety and without paying a single penny? Plus, the quality is there, and with time it keeps on updating its collection.


Fmovies is no less than other ones. It has its own individuality due to the features and qualities it carries with itself. Those, who love watching movies often and want to spend a good time with movies. They may try this alternative of solarmovie once and it is guaranteed. Fmovies has everything which might surprise them as an avid movie watcher. It has collections from Harry potter to Five feet apart and from Diwar to Article 15. Here, it would have been cleared to you Fmovies has worked to offer all types of content without suffocating your choices. If you want you can also watch TV series without singing up plus, without any advertisement during the watch.

Highlight: Well everything about Fmovies is the highlight but you can shift your light on the fact that. You can even do kinds of stuff such as filtering movies just by visiting the menu section. In short, Fmovies is an experience dear!

Amazon Prime

What was that dialogue? If you do not have Amazon prime then you have watched nothing. Of course, it asks you to pay for the membership but it is very less what it is giving to you. Amazon can be a good choice for those who can spend their money (very little it is just 123 or something) and asking for quality in return. This site is pretty much the same as solarmovie but this stands parallel to Netflix. You can imagine its content at least once in life you should go for this app. You will not like it, this is next to impossible. As it has a good collection of award-winning movies, TV series such as Ryan, Homecoming, and many more.

Highlight: It is already clear ‘award winning collections’ is the highlight of this alternative site. Well, quality is also top-notch about it!


You have heard about this app or not, that may happen. But if you are listening about this app for the first time then slow your search bar because M4U free can be the best option for your search. We pay little attention to the things that are really good because of not so attractive names or not being in the limelight. But this is for those who are really looking for a solarmovie alternative with the best alternative without getting cheated on for what they have asked. Well, my Cher you are just in the right place because M4u free gives the commitment to giving you the best content and all the latest TV series. The other commitment it gives is that there will not be any registration or sign up sort of thing for using this site.

Highlight: Offering variety is the highlight of the subject; go for it without creating any havoc for yourself.

123movies Hub

Whenever you would hear this name you will learn when life hits you badly and if you have the potential to come out as star: there you shine! Well, 123movies have the potential of shining even after getting cut from the movie list site once. But now it is back standing parallel to the solarmovie alternatives and offering exactly what you are looking for. This is called swag 123movies has a good library, can say maintained one. Where you can find your favorite movies or movies you always wanted to see.

Highlight: There is no match of its interface and the user experience. That is absolutely fair if you are giving your time here.


Vumoo has always been in the list of best movie-watching site. This also stands as a good alternative of the solarmovie. So, if you have never used it before, go have your experience first and think why you have not used it yet.  The library of vumoo is filled with a huge collection of movies, shows, and TV series.

Highlight: The spot of the movie is that all the contents are available in HD quality.

Winding up

You have got seven alternatives with the extremely undeniable features. They all are an experience in itself.  Make a list of your priority which you are looking for and pick anyone from them.

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