Vanki: Sinuous in Shape, Breath-taking in Beauty!!

Vanki, known as Neli in Tamil (meaning curved), refers to the gracefully and sinuously curved armlet worn on the upper arm – an item of South Indian jewellery that was common and popular among royalty, the aristocratic and elite in earlier eras in India, and now is coming back as a fashion accessory with a bang!!An important part of a set of bridal jewellery, it is also commonly used as an important accessory that adds beauty in South Indian Classical dance jewellery, like Bharathanatyam, Kuchapudi and Mohiniattam.

Referred to as Bajubandh in North India, it has been present through centuries as a significant element of ‘solahshringar’ and is worn, like the vanki, on the upper part of the arm. Generally, Bajubandhs are carved out of metal and are fashionable in oxidized forms, which gives the accessory a more trendy, contemporary and ethnic feel.

The vanki ring, a finger ring of the same sinuous shape, has been around for a while. It has this ability to make a finger, and the entire hand, more elegant, extremely feminine and oh-so-much-more-beautiful than regular circular finger rings. Also, it is very comfortable. This is because the pressure is distributed across the lower part of the finger, unlike regular rings that are limited to one circular band around a finger. So, it is a must-have gold ring design. Don’t believe this? Try both on your finger, compare, and you’ll know what we mean…

vanki rings

The Significance of Vanki and Vanki Ring

The origin of the vanki can be traced to snake worship. Some of the earliest vankis can be seen on figures of Lord Krishna as a child. The vanki is believed to symbolize strength and ability. Scientifically, it is believed that the vanki helps blood circulation in the upper arm and creates the right amount of resistance to make the arm comfortable and flexible.

The vanki ring is one gold ring design that has an important role to play in South Indian wedding jewellery. It is an essential part of wedding ceremonies in many Hindu traditions, especially among Telugu-speaking communities. Known as anjiungaram, it is presented to the bride by the groom’s family at the time of Pradhanam, a ceremony that precedes the main wedding mantras. It is believed to ward off evil and bad luck.

The Vanki as a Fashion Statement

For the modern woman, the vanki is an accessory that can be used as a contemporary emphatic statement “I know what I’m doing” power style, or “This is to please you, Grandma/Mother/Mother-in-Law”, happy-to-be-traditional look of demure back-to-my-roots style.

The look it creates of course will also depend on your outfit, the occasion, your personality, and your attitude!! The same vanki can have completely different impacts depending on the time of the day, your attire or your mood of the moment – exuberant and vivacious or silent and intense!!

But hey, the vanki is extremely versatile. Whether you wear it with sleeveless outfits – cholis, gowns or dresses, over sleeved cholis with ghagras, lehengas or sarees, you will hit jackpot every time. It can add demureness, aplomb or confident poise – take your pick!!

The Vanki and Vanki Ring – Designs and Varieties

Vankis are available in an amazing array of choices. Yellow gold, rose gold, antique finish, gem studded, Goddess accented, scallop chained, simple, elaborate, no-fuss, exquisite, intricate, trendy,circular instead of plain sinuous– every conceivable kind of vanki design is available. Take your pick depending on your taste, need, occasion, and of course, your budget.

And it’s the same with vanki rings too. The range of designs are likely to leave you spoilt for choice.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead. It’s vanki and vanki ring time!!


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