Claiming Insurance for The Car Accident in Dubai

There is a proper list of procedures that you need to follow in order to claim insurance after a car accident.

Assess the damage

You must get an idea about the damage that has been caused to you after an accident before contacting with your lawyers for insurance claims. Assessing your damage will help you explain the police about what happened and how the accident took place.

Call the police

After assessing the damaged, call the police. This is because the police will take the idea off everything that happened with your car due to the accident.  They might form a report for that too. This will act as a full proof for you and you will be able to claim insurance

Claiming Insurance Dubai

Do not argue with the other diver

 A lot of people start arguing with the other driver because of the damage that took place. Rather than doing this, they should better let the police assess and come to a decision. insurance dispute lawyers can also be contacted.

Inform the insurer

No matter whether you want to make a claim or not, you must call your insurer about the accident as soon as possible.

Follow the instructions of the insurance company

To get the best range of benefits from your insurance, follow all the instructions you are provided with from the insurance company. In this way, you will be able to get the most out of your insurance.

Documents required for claim processing

If you want to make a claim, here are the documents you need to provide the insurance company

Police report

Police will form a report about the whole incident. This report is the one you need to provide to the insurance company or else you will not be able to make your insurance claim.

Vehicle registration

The documents of vehicle registration are also to be provided to the insurance company.

Driving license

You must submit your driving license for the insurance claim as well.

Fill up a claim form

Fill a claim form which you will get from the insurance company.

For comprehensive insurance:

Your own car will it be protected if you take this insurance. In case you want to process the claim, you must contact the insurance company itself. Keep all the evidence with you along with a picture as it will be helpful for you while claiming insurance.

For third-party insurance

The process in case of third-party insurance is really simple. If the accident gets caused by you, you will not be able to make a claim as the affected vehicle will get covered. Also, if any damage gets caused to your own vehicle, you will not be able to claim that.

Third party insurance only helps you when you are responsible for the accident.

No claim discounts

It is a reward for the people who drive safely. If you do not drive safely and cause the accidents, you will not be provided with this discount and your premium, in this case, will get affected as well.


Make sure that you file a claim when you get damaged by the accident or your car gets damaged by the accident. Such insurance claims will do better to you. Also, hiring Insurance Lawyers in UAE is also a good option.

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