Advantages of Using Chromebook

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Google’s Chrome OS and is generally used when you are online. Everything you do on it needs to be saved on the cloud. It is different from Dell, Lenovo, HP, or any other laptop you use. One of the major differences is that you cannot use Windows and macOS programs on a Chromebook. The Chrome OS is an operating system created by Google that is entirely based on the cloud, which is one of the reasons it does not have any internal storage.

You can buy a Chromebook on Amazon using WOW Internet and get an amazing shopping experience. Also, you can look at the details on the specs and features of the Chromebook you want to buy as Amazon gets you all the whereabouts of the products they are selling. For now, let’s have a look at the different advantages and disadvantages of using Chromebooks:

Advantages of Using Chromebook

Benefits of Using Chromebook

Chromebooks are not Very Pricey

One of the biggest advantages of buying Chromebooks is that they are not very pricey. You can get a cheaper Chromebook for around $200 while others cost you somewhere around $300 to $400. A regular laptop can be twice the amount even if you buy a mid-range one. Not only this, but you can also save money on installing software as Chromebooks do not depend on installed software and result in cheaper maintenance value.

These are Lightweight and Portable Devices

Since Chromebooks do not depend on traditional hardware like the ones that you have for other laptops. This makes these devices light in weight and easy to carry around. If you are supposed to carry your laptops for work or business use, this feature can be very beneficial for you. Also, you must keep in mind that Chromebooks are cloud-based systems and do not have a hard drive to store your data. They need an internet connection to work.

You can Get a Longer Battery Life

The average battery life of Chromebooks is somewhere around 6 hours. However, other models can also last for around 13 hours as well. If you compare this duration with a mid-range laptop, this is a higher number of hours. Although many new laptops can provide the same range of battery life to their users, depending on their use.

The Device Can Boot at A Faster Pace

A Chromebook can boot in around 8 seconds because, in regular laptops, this speed is consumed by SSDs and hard drives and slow down their booting speed. One of the things that play a cardinal role in the booting speed provided by the Chromebook is the OS it uses.

Chromebooks Use Cloud-based Storage

Cloud storage is a virtual storage medium where all your data resides in a virtual space that is dedicated to you. You can use this space to access your data, and upload, download, view, and edit information stored on your Cloud storage using the internet. This is also becoming a highly popular medium of storage as the technology is becoming more and more developed.

Chromebook gets you 100GB of Google Drive storage for free on purchase of your Chromebook. However, if you want to use cloud storage apps like OneDrive, Dropbox and others, you have to pay an extra amount, which makes buying a Chromebook a better deal.

Chromebooks Can Update Automatically

Unlike traditional computers that require you to check for software updates and get them installed, Chromebooks help you forget worrying about any updates needed to check for software updates. They install the updates on your computer automatically.

You can automatically find security and software updates every time you turn on your Chromebook and apply Software Updates and Security patches as they become available. This provides Chromebook users with a way to stay updated with the latest software and security updates and features.


Using Chromebooks can help you in a lot of ways. It can help you minimize a lot of costs incurred on maintenance, buying software and installing and uninstalling them, etc. Since Chromebooks depend mainly on the cloud, things become a lot easier and more manageable for users.

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