mystery shopping

Everything you need to know about mystery shopping

Mystery showers are people paid to pose as consumers to observe, collect information on employees and customer service and report it. These shoppers are not hired by the store or business but... Read more »
vanki rings

Vanki: Sinuous in Shape, Breath-taking in Beauty!!

Vanki, known as Neli in Tamil (meaning curved), refers to the gracefully and sinuously curved armlet worn on the upper arm – an item of South Indian jewellery that was common and... Read more »
Sell Gift Cards

Most Recommended Sites to Sell Gift Cards

When you have a lot of gift cards, you might want to sell them and one best way to do that is to sell gift cards online. Statistics show that there are... Read more »
gold jewellery

5 Reasons Why Gold is the GO-TO Jewelery Option

I’ve always noticed that at the end of a treasure hunt, when the tightly sealed box is opened, from within comes this strong luminance that is almost blinding. Yes! you’ve guessed it... Read more »
Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Ultimate Guide to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is seen as everything that the founder wanted to achieve. I usually think that this watch is the entry point to the Rolex world. There are several terminologies... Read more »
latest kurti styles

17 Types of Kurtis Designs & Latest Kurti Styles Every Woman Should Know

Kurtis is one of the most popular desi outfits for Indian women. They are so elegant and comfy. Kurti is essential must have different type of attire of women’s wardrobe because of... Read more »
benefits of having a Shopping Guide

The benefits of having a Shopping Guide

Every time you are getting to the market in search of something to buy, you need a source of all the information that you may need along the way. You want to... Read more »
Essentials Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

20 Essentials Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

20 Essentials Every Woman Needs in Her Closet: When it comes to women, all ladies have the luxury, of a lot of options in their wardrobe, which men usually don’t have. We... Read more »
how to transfer data from mobile to PC

How To Pick A Reliable Gift Store Online

Online gift shopping is a rising trend these days all thanks to the ease of shopping it offers straight from home comfort. There are a good lot of online gift stores around... Read more »
designer jewelry

Talking About the Designer Jewelry for This Summer

    The designer jewelry on the fashion runways have made the season’s trend clear: minimalism, geometric shapes, collar necklaces, organic materials (abalone has been making a splash), and mixed metals.  Must... Read more »