Perfect Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs With New Business

If a friend or loved one has recently started their own business, you might be thinking about getting them a gift to help them on their way. Here are some gift ideas that they may find useful or entertaining, whatever type of business they are in.

Perfect Gift Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Branded Items

Personalized items are always a thoughtful gift, regardless of the recipient. Giving entrepreneur items which have their branding on is not only a gift to them but also acts as marketing for their business. Stationery is an obvious choice, either for personal use, or to give out to potential clients, but for something more unique, consider branded water bottles or stoneware coffee mugs.

Technology Aids

Technology is becoming more and more important in the world of business, so anything that aids this will be beneficial. Entrepreneurs often travel or work from different places. So devices that make this easier, such as portable chargers or mobile Wi-Fi hotspots can be useful.

Productivity Aids

Anything that increases productivity will be appreciated by a busy businessperson. Notebooks, planners, and planning boards will always come in handy. If your entrepreneurial loved-one struggles with focus, you could consider buying them noise-canceling headphones. A white noise machine, or a Bluetooth speaker for them to play the music that boosts their concentration.


Entrepreneurs are hard workers and are often looking for ways to improve their work. Books, magazine subscriptions, or even courses in their specific field are a fantastic gift to help them keep on top of their industry.

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Regular breaks and rewards or treats can help break down a working day, although should remain moderated or healthy. Coffee machines and smoothie makers are great for boosting energy during a long workday and are a welcome treat when reaching the end of a task.


Entrepreneurs often spend long periods of time at their desks, so why not make it a more pleasant experience for them? A comfortable chair is important when sitting for a long time. A nice cushion or even a chair massager is sure to make an office chair a more pleasant place to be too. A desk organizer will help to keep on top of clutter and allow for easy access to important items.


Those who run their own business often neglect their health, especially if they work at a desk all day. Fitness trackers or in-home gym equipment can help to remind them that they need to look after themselves as well as their business. Adaptation to their workspaces, such as standing desks or footrests can help with health issues associated with sitting for long periods.

When buying a gift for a new entrepreneur, it is important to not only consider the type of business they run but also their personality and lifestyle. There is no point in buying them something that they will never use, or that they already own. So make sure you do your research first to ensure your gift makes a positive impression on their work-life.

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